How to get around in Yangon

Getting around Yangon

This is the best way to get around Yangon! Yangon also has a train that runs through the city. Go around the stands and get one or two unique souvenirs. Anything in Yangon you can find! When you want to spend a perfect holiday in Myanmar, you need to know how to get to Myanmar by local transport, especially by taxi and car.

This is the best way to get around Yangon! - Re-examined Yangon Circular Train, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Yangon Circular Trains are the best way to get into the Burmese people' world. You' ll have nice vistas of rice paddies, a small square next to the railway stations, etc. This is not a touristic destination, as other critics have shown, but an honourable and genuine way to live the people.

It seemed that they were used to people asking which platforms to get on the trains from. Anticipate a slowly, bumpily drive on the edge of Yangon. A lot of local people get out and back in and do their business on the trains. We' saw many local people who sold groceries, beta-lnuts, fruit and more. There was no common speech, but that was not necessary to sense the heat and kindness of the people.

If you are interested in seeing the Yangon people about their everyday life, I don't think there is a more genuine one. Slowly traveling through Yangon, the local people get on and off the entire circuit. Favourite bus and tram stations are the watery market areas that this trains cross.

You will be in intimate touch with the local population, you will also see those who come on the boat to buy everything from walnuts to the freshest products. From Yangon Central Station, take the left stairs to platform 7 (East).

If you say "Yangon Circular Train", the agent behind the desk will know that the price of the tickets should be 200kyet. Then ask the deputy when the next move arrives and on which station it will be on. Have you ever been on the Yangon Circular Rail?

Is traveling in Myanmar simple? - MYANMAR Message Board

Is traveling in Myanmar simple? I and my friend are in Southeast Asia for 4 month and we would like to stay a few short days in Burma. We' re remembering to fly from Bangkok to Yangon. We' re just wondering how simple it is to get to Burma, how the buses are and will it be simple for us to reach these goals?

Is traveling in Myanmar simple? I' m not sure what you mean by open coach from Pakistan via Don Ditt to Siem Réap - it's better to buy a Treng only. Is traveling in Myanmar simple? Is traveling in Myanmar simple?

Just to take the Myanmar shuttle service. Is traveling in Myanmar simple? Travelling through Burma by rail is simple - in fact, it is an astonishing adventure that is part of the game! Only Google for rail information for Burma, there is a lot on line. Is traveling in Myanmar simple? In order to give you an is very simple to visit Myanmar by coach, rail, taxi or plane in Myanmar you should be aware that the trains in Myanmar are quite tough rides....are certainly an adventure, but I wouldn't call it "fun".

Now that you are in Asia, I assume that your journey in Myanmar will take place between now and September, so you will have no trouble purchasing transportation passes and getting rooms in boarding houses at any time. Is traveling in Myanmar simple? Is traveling in Myanmar simple?

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