How to Dress in Burma

Get dressed in Burma

Ideal for visiting religious sites you have to have to remove both shoes and socks. It is seen as a sign of respect for the Buddha. Flip-flops are easy to remove and put back on. Pashmina or sarong is a versatile must. None of the locals wear them, and the less skin/hair, the better.

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I' ve just returned from our journey to Myanmar (I am planning to publish a story here soon) and for ladies I would strongly suggest to wear capri or long coats and NOT trousers. As my journey was a last-minute decision (had about a weeks planning), I didn't realise sleeveless shirts would not be a good idea and only assuming that it would be nice as it would be the hottest time of year (and I'm not talking about quite humble 3 inch sleeve-less shirts strapping).

I was very upset in Myanmar (especially in Mandalay while I was there), but I felt VERY uneasy to wear shirtless skirts, so I wore my T-shirts several nights (actually pretty disgusting at the end, since we were out a bit and I was sweating a bit, ha! Wish I had known that before, but I had only been reading the council to put your hands over your temple feet, so I didn't wrap enough cuffs.

Now I saw some tourist dressed in tight trousers, tight fuel tanks and a man who wasn't in a shirt - in my mind it's tasteless, but the Myanmar population is very friendly and probably wouldn't say anything. I didn't feel uncomfortable carrying the Keens or putting them on and off.

It was no problem to get it stole, but in some places there were stalls where folks wanted you to collect and buy your boots (in this case we put them in our backpacks). Men are okay with T-shirts and I think it's okay to have longer trousers because I've seen a few locals in Bagan and Yangon who wore trousers and not longyi (rarely, but I've seen that, especially with some of the younger men).

Trousers would have been a little intolerable if they weren't light, but if you could get a couple of masculine capri, that could work best, or longer panty.

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