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Cooks for Myanmar Food

Myanmar Food Cooking (Spicy Fish Vegetables Myanmar Curry )- Song I'm really like you. The Mohinga - a kind of soup, whose main ingredient is fish, is probably the most popular food in Myanmar. To learn how to cook Burmese food.

Myanmar Mohinga cooking: 10 paces (with pictures)

Mohinga, a kind of broth whose basic ingredients are seafood, is probably the most favourite food in Myanmar. Mohinga is known or known to many expatriates who are acquainted with Myanmar and its people. There are those who like it as much as Myanmar do Mohinga, but some think that the flavour and aroma is too powerful for their palate.

Rinse seafood cleanly, sprinkle with seafood gravy and a little sal. Chop the seafood into three slices and place in a saucepan with a few blades of citronella. There'?s no need to give a drink of running swill. You can also simply use a little extra tap to make it. Once the seafood is boiled so well that it peels off slightly, put it down.

Remove the meat and put it aside. Remove the fishbones and crush them. If you crush the bone, give some bit of rinse to get some of your own bone fund. They can discard the bone if there is no seafood coming out of the bone.

Slice about 15 circles of onion, roast them and remove them from the olive after they have obtained a deep red-brown colour. Slice the remaining onion into four chunks. some onion and onion. Warm the olive wood with which you roasted the onion.

Once the caramelized olive oils are smoked, roast the spices, lemon, onion und cloves with some cucumber. Then, put in the fishbone fund made from the fishbones. Put the chickpea meal (bean powder) and ricepowder in a saucepan. If everything is warm and cooking, put large slices of bulb in the casserole.

Now you can put in the flakes. Season to taste using seafood/sauté. Once the Mo Hingasoup is ready, put the pan on a low flame. Then put the powdered peppers and roasted onion. Served in soups, half cups of noodles and the broth. Optionally chop cilantro, scallions, pumpkin doughnuts, beans, boiling egg and palettes of beans.

Make sure that you remove the fishbone thoroughly before adding the fishbone to the noodles. Cook in a large pan to keep the broth from flowing out of the pan.

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