How to call Thailand from Myanmar

Calling Thailand from Myanmar

If you want to call Thailand from Myanmar, dial: This Mobile Country Code Resource Guide gives you the Thailand Mobile Code and shows you how to call a Thailand mobile phone from Myanmar. Tajikistan - Syria - Thailand - Turkey - Turkmenistan - United Arab Emirates - Uzbekistan - Vietnam - Yemen. Best time to call from Thailand to Myanmar. Towns THAI flies to:

Calling Thailand from Myanmar

Below you will find the dial-up process to call Thailand from Myanmar. Here you will find information on how to make an overseas call from Myanmar to Thailand. In order to make a call to Thailand directly from Myanmar, you must dial the number in the country using the dial number formats specified in the below message boxes.

Same dialling size for calls from Myanmar to Thailand. If you want to call Thailand from Myanmar, dial: Prefix - There are 79 prefixes in Thailand. When there is a dialling prefix of the town in Thailand you are dialling after dialling ISD number.

In the absence of an area coded number, call the recipient's telephone number after the ISD area coded number. Calling a cell phone number in Thailand from Myanmar: India ISD Reuters Guide : Thailand's country or ISD number is 66. There' re 79 primaries in Thailand. From Myanmar you need to know the Thai dialling prefixes to make an internat.

Awareness of the timing differences between Thailand and Myanmar to plan phone conversations to prevent unforeseen outages. Actual elapsed in Myanmar: Actual elapsed in Thailand :

Myanmar IDD / Myanmar exits are 00

This is the access key you need to access a specific area. Every land is allocated a clear countrycode. This is the access key for a part of the land. A number of states are not large enough to justify their own area codes, so they have the 1 and use the area codes to specify the state.

This is the number you want to call. These are some useful information about Thailand. These are some useful information about Myanmar. SQ KM678,500 This page will help you call Thailand from Myanmar with dialing code. Preselections for Thailand are also included.

Countrycode 66 is for Thailand. For international calls from Myanmar use IDoc 00 . In Myanmar, IDocs are referred to as export numbers and export number 00 is Myanmar. Myanmar's initial access key is 00 . Bangkok area codes are 2.

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