How to call Myanmar

Call Myanmar

Find out how to make an international call from Thailand to Myanmar landline or mobile number. Dialing format is the same for calls from Thailand. Dialing codes for calls to and from Myanmar. Provides full instructions for calls from the UK to Myanmar and vice versa. Dial Myanmar (Burma) from the USA: A guide to calling Myanmar (Burma) with dialing instructions, date & time and tariffs.

On this page you will find the telephone number of Myanmar.

On this page you will find the Myanmar number. The Myanmar area code 95 is dialled after the IDD. The 95 in Myanmar is followed by an area number. These are the area code numbers for Myanmar. You can make your call internationally with Myanmar's full area coded number.

Calling Myanmar from Thailand

Below you will find the dial-up process to call Myanmar from Thailand. Find out how to make an international call from Thailand to Myanmar landline or cell phone number. In order to make a call to Myanmar directly from Thailand, you must dial the number in the country using the dial number formats specified in the message field below.

Same dialling size for calls from Thailand. If you want to call Myanmar from Thailand, dial: Primary - There are 35 primaries in Myanmar. When there is a Myanmar metropolitan area number, call after dialling ISDC.

In the absence of an area coded number, call the recipient's telephone number after the ISD area coded number. Calling a cell phone number in Myanmar from Thailand: Burma ISD Reuters Act: Myanmar's country or ISD number is 95. There' re 35 primary elections in Myanmar. To make an internatinal call to Myanmar from Thailand, you need to know the area coded number.

Awareness of the timing differences between Myanmar and Thailand to plan phone conversations to prevent unforeseen phone call. Actual elapsed in Thailand: Actual elapsed in Myanmar :

Calling Myanmar from the UK

Dialing directions for calls to and from anywhere in Myanmar (Burma). When a number with the +95 countrycode is already shown, simply substitute the'+' with the 00 multinational password and disregard any hint at '(0)'. If you want to call a UK fixed or cell from Myanmar, call 00 44, then the UK number without a zero leader.

As an example, the British number 01632 234567 should be dialed as 00 44 1632 234567 from Myanmar. Those passphrases and directives shall be applicable to all parts of the United Kingdom, as well as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

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