How to Apply Myanmar Visa in usa

Obtaining a Myanmar Visa in the United States

You pay the fee for applying for a non-immigrant visa (MRV fee). Reciprocity Fee All U.S. citizens require a visa to enter Myanmar. I was advised to send my passports to the Embassy of Myanmar.

You can apply NOW at your embassy or drive through Bangkok where you can pick one up in one day. Visa-free countries for holders of US passports.

Commercial/tourist visa

B-1/B-2 visas are for those wishing to make a temporary entry to the United States to do businesses (B-1) or to have fun or receive health care (B-2). In general, the B-1 visa is for trips to advise partners, to participate in academic, pedagogical, professional or commercial congresses/conferences, to arrange a discount or to conclude a negotiation agreement.

B-2 visa is for leisure travels, which includes tourist attractions, visiting your loved ones, health care and brotherly, civil or business outings. Often the B-1 and B-2 visa are used in combination and as a visa, the B-1/B-2. A B-1/B-2 applicant must prove to a U.S. Embassy official that they are qualified for a U.S. visa under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

214 (b) INA assumes that every B-1/B-2 candidate is an intended migrant and must demonstrate that he or she has surmounted this presumption: The purposes of their travel are to travel to the United States for a transient stay, such as commercial, private or health care; to stay in the United States for a certain time; and to reside outside the United States and other mandatory socioeconomic relations to secure their re-entry abroad at the end of the stay.

As well as all the above mentioned documentary information, the following documents are necessary for those receiving US care:: Diagnostic medicine by a veterinarian who knows the type of disease and the reasons why the claimant needs care in the United States. Written communication from a doctor or health care provider in the United States stating readiness to deal with this particular condition and indicating the expected duration and costs of care (including doctor's fee, hospitalisation fee and all health care costs).

Declaration of the economic liability of the individual or an organisation covering the costs of transport, health care and subsistence of the patients. People travelling to the United States for health care should have a declaration from a physician or institute regarding the suggested health care. The B-1 visa may also be granted in certain cases to individual or national workers.

The B-1 visa may also be applied for by members of the ship's crews working on board ships in the outer continental shelf. For more information on B-1/B-2 visa, please visit the website of the Ministry of State. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), some non-U.S. citizens may not be eligible for a U.S. visa. Every person applying for a visiting visa must provide the following:

An electronic Non-Immigrant Visa Request Forms ("DS-160"). This is a non-refundable document that is issued for trips to the United States at least six consecutive month after the applicant's planned residence in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide for exceptions). When more than one individual is contained in the pass, any individual wishing to obtain a visa must apply.

Invoice for paying the non-refundable Non-Immigrant Visa Handling Charge (the MRV Fee) of $160, payable in your home by you. When the visa is granted, an extra reciprocal visa may be charged according to the nationalities of the applicants. To find out if you have to make a reciprocal charge and how much it is, please check the visa-reciprocy tables.

Claimants may also produce any document they deem necessary to assist the information they make available to the visa holder, e.g. proof of the purposes of the trip, the intention to leave the United States and provisions to meet travel expenses. Candidates who do not have adequate resources to care for themselves during their stay in the United States must present strong proof that an interested individual is giving assistance.

Supportive documentation is just one of many things a local embassy official will consider in your conversation. Deception or false information can lead to the visa no longer being valid. In cases where privacy is an issue, the requestor should take the document to the embassy in a seal enclosed cover. Please be sure to have your current results, certificates and diploma with you.

You should also provide proof of your funding, such as your account statement, fixed-term deposits or other proofs. If you are an adult working person, please take a cover note from your employers and your last three month's wage slip with you. Trade attendees and managing director should prove their status in the enterprise and their compensation.

If you are a parent who applies for a child under 14, please provide your child's birthday card in supplement to the prerequisites (see above). When you visit a family member, please take along a photocopy of the family member's verification of his or her legal state, e.g. green card, citizenship document, visa etc.. The applicant must submit documents to the embassy for submission to the embassy official during the conversation.

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