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Letter of appointment and application form (personal progress form) via the online appointment link. They can also apply by post (only for non-citizens of Burma (Myanmar)). Obtaining Taiwan Online Visa for Myanmar Citizens. The Myanmar passport holders are NOT ELIGIBLE for eVisa. How can I apply for a Russian visa in Myanmar?

New Myanmar Govt opens 15 new passport dispensers

Last weeks opening of 15 new passport issuance centers in Myanmar, in complement to the two current Yangon and Mandalay bureaus. This new office was opened in seven states and seven areas of Myanmar, and also in the country's capitol, Nay Pyi Taw, said U Kyaw Zeya, vice president of passport department.

This move is part of a series of efforts made by the Passport Department since 2012 to make it easy for Myanmar's people to get a passport that was unaffordable a few years ago. Myanmar residents can now get a passport for 25,000 K ($25) in 10 day, compared to 21 day and 50,000 K ($50) before.

Candidates must leave K19,000 with Myanma Economic Bank and must contribute K6,000 for administration charges, photographic services and filing documents, said U Kyaw Zeya. Historically, the issuance and renewal of visas has been bureaucratic and corrupt, while many requests have been refused at will. The division agreed in November 2012 to prolong the period of the new passes from three to five years without overpaying.

Last March, the public administration adopted a series of new procedures to simplify the procedure for obtaining a passport, among them the removal of an element that compelled the applicant to make a payment to an educational institution when they applied for a passport in return for emigration. In September, the Passport Division also implemented counter-corruption action, such as the possibility of appealing to the Passport Supply Division if they are asked for a bribe to expedite the trial, U Kyaw Zeya said.

A passport will be made out within three to five working day if the object of the trip is for health insurance, said the passport depart. It also offers free passport services for candidates over 60 years of age. There are currently seven kinds of Myanmar passport issued: visits, religion, work, students, relatives, sailors and businessmen.

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