How many Season in Myanmar

Like many seasons in Myanmar

Burma Seasons & Climate. Burma has a tropical climate with three seasons in Myanmar (Burma): hot season (March to April), rainy season (May to October) and cool season (November to February). When to visit Myanmar (Burma), this small weather overview can help you. Although Myanmar has disappeared off the radar for most tourists, it has a fairly constant climate. Like many other equatorial Asian countries, Myanmar has two great seasons: the dry season and the rainy season.

Details - Myanmar (Burma)

Burma has three seasons: a cold season from October to February with mean temperature of 68-75 degrees Celsius (20-24 degrees Celsius), a warm season from March to May with mean temperature of 86-95 degrees Celsius (30-35 degrees Celsius) and a rainy season from June to September with mean temperature of 77-86 degrees Celsius (25-30 degrees Celsius). Myanmar is an excellent place to spend the year.

Monsoon season lasts from June to October in Yangon and the coast areas, with over 5,000 mm of rains per year. Under Burma, the area around Yangon, gets more precipitation than the dryer Upper Burma (around Mandalay).

Weather in Myanmar | When to go

When you plan a journey to Myanmar, you can think about the best travelling season overall or in any area. Burma has a three season tropic environment in Myanmar (Burma): wet season (May to October), wet season (March to April) and cold season (November to February).

In general, however, it is warm all year round, although the mountain and inland areas can be quite cold and comfortable during the arid season. Coastlines can become very wet and warm, especially before the wet season. Burma has a period of monsoons from May to October when it is raining heavily and often flooded.

All in all, the best season to go is between November and April, when it is sunshine, drier and colder, but above all it is a great season to be there. Do not be frustrated if you have to go to Myanmar during the wet season, as many nights can still be partly sunshine and arid.

It rains in the afternoon and evening, so the morning can be a good place for outings. Its most rainy areas are the northern and eastern peaks and the coast. Myanmar's interior is sheltered from the southwestern monsoon by the hills, so the rainfall in this area averages only about 1,000 mm per year.

So Mandalay and Bagan are perfect places during the rainy season when the rain is soaking. Some areas of Myanmar are vulnerable to floods during the rainy season. It is raining very heavily in the coast and deltas, which causes the streams to overcrowd.

As of October 2011, the main areas of the state were hit by torrential flooding that caused damage to tens of thousand of houses and many viaducts and highways. It was a very uncommon event, as the main areas are usually much dryer than the coast and deathlands. Myanmar temperature can change from place to place.

Generally, the Myanmar has a year-round warm temperate zone with average annual average annual average of 27 or 80°F. In March, April and May the Myanmar can be very wet and warm, especially in the coast. The rise in surface water is due to the start of the wet season.

Indoor areas such as Inle Lake and Bagan may be slightly colder than the coast. When you are traveling all over the countryside, you should go between November and April when Myanmar has little rains, lots of sun and colder than before.

In Myanmar the climate is perfect at this period, although it warms up from January to April. It is a great season to see some sights, temple, trek and see the beach. When travelling during the wet season, you should take an unisex raincoat and canopy. If you want to go hiking in the mountains, you might want to take a pullover and long trousers, as it can get quite cold in these areas especially at nigh.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information about the Myanmar weathers and when to leave.

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