How many People Live in Burma

In Burma, how many people?

The religions practiced in the city are as diverse as the ethnic groups. In Yangon, how many people? The National Museum - which is, of course, completely free of people. Department of Immigration and Population. Myanmar was mainly Burmese, but there were also many other ethnic groups from other states.

Kayin state Kayin populations: 55,000 affected by Shanghai poll

According to the Shan Demographics Group, 55,744 Shan live in Kayin (Karen) State until November 2017. "The Shan people should have a certain way of life. Hopefully they can celebrate traditionally like other people. I' d like to inform the whole state about the Shan's presence in Kayin State," Sai San, also known as Sai Kaung Thet San, head of the Shan people' side, said to KIC News on January 9.

Continuing that the Shan people were unable to celebrate the Shan New Year at the state levels, and that the Shan Literature and Culture Committee was opened only in the Hpa-pun community, he expected assistance from the state administration. Hpa-an Township has 2,303 people, Hpa-pun Township 8,474 people, Kawkareik Township 13,964 people, Kyain-seikgyi Township 13,033 people and Myawaddy Township 17,970 people according to the demographic census.

Interviewees were not able to gather data in areas under the control of ethnically armoured groups. Under the 2008 constitution, other racial groups have the right to vote as Minister of Education if the populations of each group exceed 0.1 per cent of the overall state or regional populations.

"The state has not published a specific register of populations for each racial group. The[ State] register has already been published," said U Yin Htwe, Kayin State's Department of Immigration and Manpower leader. In 1882, Kway Shan people from Thailand emigrated to Thingan Nyi Naung in Myawaddy, Kayin State.

Once the land became self-sufficient, they began to settle in the Hpa-pun and Kyain-seikgyi communities, according to Shan, who lives in Kayin State. The 2014 Kayin nation has over 1.5 million inhabitants and the populations of every racial group have not been published.

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