How many People in Burma

In Burma, how many people

While many educated city dwellers speak English as a second language, English is not widely spoken by the entire population. Humans and Society :: BURMA. It is also a country where many native citizens view refugees with deep mistrust. Like a lot of Burmese refugees. The culture and clothing of people seem in many places to be fundamentally unchanged by modern life.

The Rohingya crisis: The number of Muslims murdered by the Burma military can be very high.

Deaths from a "evacuation operation" initiated by Burma's forces against Rohingya Muslims may be "extremely high", the UN has made known. UN agents said they were informed by fugitives of "killings, tortures, rapes and arson" by Burma's forces in an action that UN agents have condemned as a case in point for ethnocleans.

Under the leadership of former Prosecutor General Marzuki Darusman, the Algerian government's former Prosecutor General, the number of deaths perpetrated after the August 25 attack by small groups of Rohingya fighters was not known, but "could prove to be high. Commenting on the UN investigation in the area, UN agents at UN New York said they were "confused" by the attitude of Burma's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi.

In a speech to UN correspondents on Thursday, UN emcee Yanghee Lee of South Korea, a senior children's justice spokeswoman called to her United Nations in 2014, stressed the increasing sense of disappointment at what is going on in Burma. "There is so much hate and animosity against the Rohingya" in Burma that few dare to oppose it, she said.

Rohingya Muslims have been subject to discriminatory treatment in Burma for many years. Mrs Suu Kyi and other political figures are refusing to use the term Rohingya. And Bangladesh was one of those who called on Burma to take back the fugitives and said it did not have the means to deal with so many people.

In Myanmar, how many people talk Bengali?

Like in Burma. The most Bengali spokespersons focus on areas such as Arakan Rakhine and Yangon. You are speaking Bangla at home, mainly because of the tension in Myanmar. Counter-Non-Bamars have caused many minority groups in Myanmar to migrate through the dominating Bamars. Since then, they have been pursued by many violent criminals, especially the Tatmadaw.

There may be about 100,000 Bengali spokesmen in Myanmar, but the number is dwindling as Burmese cannot tell Rohingya from Bengali, whether they are their own people or not.

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