How many Hotels in Myanmar

Like many hotels in Myanmar

A lot of hotels welcome foreigners, and they usually are. "Actually, Yangon has many hotel rooms. Be lukewarm: Are you looking for an arcade hotel in Myanmar? In addition, many hotels are tightening their cancellation policy.

Top 10 Best Hotels in Myanmar from 2018 (with prices)

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Myanmar Burma 3* Hotels, 4* Hotels, 5* Hotels in Myanmar Burma

The majority of the 5* hotels in Burma are internationally renowned hotels and are situated only in Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay. Sule Shangrila Hôtel, The Strand Hôtel, Belmond Governor's Residence, Melia Hôtel, Sedona Hôtel, Chartrium Royal Lake Hôtel, Novotel Hôtel. While some hotels provide 5* service and luxurious, due to the number of rooms, they are categorised as small and beautiful luxurious hotels-resorts.

Most of them are in Bagan and Inle Sea. Many new hotels were opened in Burma last year and most of them are four* hotels. Myanmar 3* hotels offer good value for your budget. Roomy rooms, large outdoor pools, more than one meal and drinks for rent etc.

Myanmar Treasure, Sunny Paradise ,Eskala Hôtel, Ngwe Saung Yacht Club Resort, These hotels have a large private terrace, a large private garden, a large private garden, a beautiful view over the sea, a beautiful garden and a large garden. Emerald Sea Reserve,

CSF licences for hotels not yet authorised

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and Ministry of Interior, Alcohol and Taxes have not yet agreed on a one-stop alcohol licence for hotels. Under Myanmar's current policies, any hypermarket chain wishing to market alcohol must obtain an alcohol licence from the Ministry of the Interior, even if the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has already outfitted it.

On 10 August, U Tint Thwin, General Manager of the Department of Hotels and Tourism, said he hoped the Department of the Interior would endorse the Ministry's suggestion that a hotelier's hotelier's hotel licence is sufficient to buy alcohol. "Drinks are a basic requirement in hotels because they deal directly with international guests.

However, some hotels do not have a alcohol licence, so we are in negotiations with the Ministry of the Interior to have the alcohol licence, along with the hospitality licence, managed by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism for hotels only," said U Tint Thwin. Since the Alcohol and Tax Department has only granted 41,153 alcohol licences for the whole state, and is not granting a new alcohol licence for the moment, many hotels were confronted with the request for an alcohol licence.

There is a direct contradiction between the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Trade. While the Ministry of the Interior wants to keep the number of licences low, the Ministry of Hotel and Tourist wants to give them to as many hotels and tourist facilities as possible in order to increase the number of tourists.

There is more sympathy for each other's interests and we are trying to find a shared basis, which is why we are still negotiating," said U Tint Thwin. "We will introduce an alcohol licence under tourist legislation if they let us include it within the hotels licence," said U Tint Thwin.

We' ll be classifying the hotels to decide which dam is to receive a drinking license, he added. "We will continue to argue with the Myanmar Hotelier Association to rank the hotels," said U Tint Thwin. "It is very good for hotels to have alcohol licences from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism instead of having to apply to the Ministry of the Interior for one.

Then we will make the decision on the final decision in the next month's session of the Association," U Aung Myo Min Din, president of the Myanmar Hotelier Federation, said to the Myanmar Times on August 16. Myanmar Hotelier has 1161 member hotels, of which 1139 are local and 22 are FDI.

There are only 168 members of the club with an alcohol-licence. At the end of July, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, there are 1530 hotels with 60487 rooms in the state. The majority of them are still concerned about the problem of alcohol licensing.

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