How many Beach in Myanmar

Like many beaches in Myanmar

However, it is so regrettable when you don't enjoy the sun on these beaches as much as in Southeast Asia. Myanmar has some incredibly beautiful beaches, many of which remain hidden to this day. Some of Myanmar's best beaches are still within easy reach. We' ve selected the best boutique beach hotels in Myanmar (Burma) on the stunning and unspoilt west coast that is just being discovered. So Ngapali is above all a foreign bathing resort with many other bathing resorts of international standard.

The best beaches in Myanmar you need to see

If I think of South East Asian shores, I usually think of Bali or the picturesque island in the south of Thailand. Myanmar is indeed full of some of the most famous shores in the area. Despite having welcomed more and more visitors over the years, many of the beautiful and secret shores are still treasures that are largely foreign.

However, with fine sands, clear waters and reasonably priced accommodation and resort facilities, it is simple to understand why the country's tourist industries are soaring. We' ve put together a shortlist of the best in Myanmar so you can enjoy the best of this stunning state. Allegedly called after Naples by a homeless Italians, the beach of Ngapali is one of the best known in Myanmar.

Uncontaminated blank sands, a multitude of palms and unbelievably deep blue water make it easier to see why so many visitors come here. However, since traveling from Yangon is required, it is usually a little more expensive than other Myanmar beach. But not everyone wants the smooth and perfectly laid-back atmosphere of the famous touristy sands.

The five stars resort and sandy beach are great, don't get me misunderstood, but sometimes you need a rest from the crowd and the people. Kanthaya is the right place for you if you are looking for a quiet and unspoilt beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A 8-hour ride from Yangon will take you to this unbelievable area to enjoy the final personal beach time.

Near Ngwe Saung, a few hour's car ride from Yangon, Chuang Tha is equally loved by local and tourist use. The promenade offers more comfort than peace, loaded with stores and stands, lines of hotel and many opportunities for fun and thrill. It is a great place to get to know Myanmar and to get a feeling for it.

Situated only 5 hrs from Yangon, Ngwe Saung is within walking distance by either auto or local buses. It' a simple enough journey and it' ideal for those who want to prevent a fast week-end outing. Ngwe Saung, a small fishermen town, is interesting to visit, but there really isn't much beyond the beach.

Ideal for those who want to enjoy the countryside of Myanmar in a relaxed and remote environment. Ngwe Saung is one of the most visited in Myanmar due to its closeness to Yangon. Myeik or Mergui Archipelago is a group of over 800 archipelagoes off the South Myanmar coastline.

There are some of the most isolated and beautiful sands in the area. However, it is less the beach and more the waters around it that attract the most tourists every year. There is another isolated beach, Nabule, which is definitely out. However, if you want to enjoy the sunny days on a piece of gold sands, put this beach on your shortlist.

It is 12 miles from Maungmagan Beach in south-east Myanmar and offers a great outing. Maungmagan is situated just outside Dawei in south-east Myanmar and is the second largest historical beach in the land (after Ngapali). It was a favourite place for British tourists in colonial days, and today it is a favourite with the local people in the area.

The beach is often calm during the weeks, although it is very lively on workdays. It is a great place to settle while you explore other nearby cities and shores. Beach Attractions in Myanmar: If you need help when travelling over the weekend or in high season, it is best to make your hotel reservations before you leave.

The Flymya site is a great place for hotel and resort destinations throughout Myanmar. Otherwise you can also visit our travel guide in Myanmar. It should also be noted that the Myanmar rainy period is from about May to October. Some of the resort will be closed during this period and beach cities will not be open to visitors, so remember this when you plan your itinerary.

Myanmar is best visited in early and early season. Whilst exceptions are often granted to non-nationals, it is best to be cultural and modest when you visit the area around the sands.

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