How is Myanmar Situation now

What's the situation in Myanmar now?

Rohingya situation in Myanmar updated. This decision will now be submitted to the General Assembly for approval. ""In Burma, Myanmar, we could not sleep in peace. The Myanmar situation'Textbook example of ethnic cleansing': Tiger Woods' ex-wife has left us without a word of hyperactivity.

Myanmar - what is the present state? - Yangon

The latest facts about the present state of affairs in Burma after Cyclone Nargis: Burmese state newspapers still report 22,980 deaths and 42,119 disappeared, but now speak of 1,000,000,000 "homeless". There are 100,000 deaths in the USA - a number that could arise in view of the gravity of the catastrophe and the absence of availability of reliable in-formation.

The UN has reported that 1,000,000,000 Palestinians in the Delta area and 500,000 in Rangoon District need first-aid. Things are becoming increasingly insecure as aid capacities within the state are already running at full speed. Widely circulated press coverage of UN air travel does not end up in Burma.

The DFID also has permission to end up in Burma. Secondly, the Commission is currently suspending the 4th leg of the trip (for departure from Italy) while investigating the capacities of Burma's air side facilities and personnel. On 7 May he had a meeting with British NGOs to talk about possible DFID-assistance.

The DFID expert rescue teams will visit Burma as soon as visa is available to assist the DFID Burma Office and maximize the impact of DFID relief fund. There are still signs of the complete picture throughout the entire Danube basin, as more and more stories are coming in. Significant disorientation still prevails over the numbers cited by various quarters, but what is clear is the scale of the human rights problem, where the number of deaths and displacement is increasing rapidly over the years.

We currently anticipate that urgent needs for human aid will be a priority: It has been reported that the cost of travel has allegedly risen by 60% and some other congregations have soared. According to a report, the cost of drinking mineral oil has risen by 500%.

To date, the UN has specifically pinpointed the most pressing needs: tarpaulins, washing pills, cookware, mosquito screens, suitcases and agrifood. A large part of the Irawaddy area can only be reached by ship, and many of those in use before the hurricane have been either ruined or ruined.

However, there are rumours that the Rangoon harbor has been badly affected. The danger exists that seasoned ricseed, which is kept by growers - mostly under bad conditions - will be affected by the clone. The Nargis clone occurred during the Bengal Gulf from 28 April to 2 May.

On May 2, it landed as a Class 3 cyclone in the Irrawaddy River in Burma, about 250 kilometers south west of Rangoon. Most of the Irrawaddy River Basin flood damages were due to a 3.6 meter long tidal wave. Though there were reported floods in Thailand due to the rains brought by the storms, the severity of the wind was significantly reduced as it was moving towards the Thai frontier.

Burma's agencies proclaimed five states and five divisional areas of catastrophe (Rangoon, Irrawaddy, Bago, Mon and Kayin).

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