How is Myanmar

What is Myanmar like

Learn about the dates, history and background of Myanmarn Independence Day holidays in Myanmar. Burma Kyat listed as MMK. They are rich in natural resources such as rice, which is considered the most important crop. Its name is magical in Myanmar and internationally synonymous with the peaceful struggle for democracy.

What's Myanmar like?

Since 1962, however, the land has been governed by a army junt. Please be aware that if you want to go there, policy is probably an issue you should best avoided, as it may be easy for the Myanmar army to arrest your Myanmar boyfriend if they feel like it. Among the colonists, Myanmar was formerly divided into "ministerial Burma" and "border Burma", as the vast hills made some areas more inaccessible.

It can be guessed that the hills means that the colonists concentrated less on these areas, and so there were less culture but also less inroads. Located between the two culture majors China and India, there were a great many cultures from these two areas that are still evident in Myanmar's faith and architectural heritage (by architectural I really mean its barrels and barrels of temples).

Myanmar's "more picturesque" places are Bagan (above), Taunggyi, Thandwei and Bago, while calmer cities (though more commercial than tourist) are Toungoo, Pyi and Panthein. Myanmar has 3 "seasons" in terms of climate: Myanmar's ethnical minority would be the Burmese (or Bamar), who make up almost 70% of the people.

However, do not be fooled by this overwhelming number of Myanmar's population, which consists of 135 different nationalities. (For the full listing, click here). However, this multiculturalism has been a challenge since Myanmar's autonomy, as mountain regions have different cultures and sometimes separate trends - as in the case of the Karens, Shans and Acehnese.

They are more religious, with the vast majority (almost 90%) of Myanmar being Buddhists. The most important thing in Myanmar's custom is the "face", which means that most of the times when Myanmar talks to you, they could really mean something else. Since most Myanmar are also Buddhists, submissiveness would demand giving presents to always be given back.

Celebrations are important in Buddhism's traditions for merits, and so Myanmar often splash on big events to hold big celebrations. Unfortunately, it is also the case that most of the country's economic activity is under the control of the army and Myanmar has the highest percentage of its people below the penniless line in Southeast Asia.

However, Myanmar's economic growth has been definite since the era of self-sufficiency, with Thein Sein's anti-corruption policy drawing further investment. The Myanmar people use Kyoto, but sometimes they also use the US dollar as the currency's main trading partner.

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