How far is Myanmar from India

Where is Myanmar from India?

from India to Myanmar. So how far is it from Delhi to Yangon? Duration and distance from Kohima, N?g?land, India to Myanmar.

I wish he knew how much this little gesture meant to us. You must apply for a Myanmar visa before entering the country.

From Kohima, N?g?land, India to Myanmar

It is 457 km (284 mile or 247 sea miles) from Kohima, N?g?land, India to the geographical centre of Myanmar. Chart 1 summarises the flying times from Kohima to Myanmar at different speeds. Chart 2 shows the sundown, the sundown and the actual location of Kohima and Myanmar.

Travelling hours calculator: Please note: The distances between Kohima and the geographical centre of Myanmar are computed using numerical formulas[reference]. If you are travelling from Kohima (N?g?land) to Myanmar, please take into account the hours of dawn, dusk and the actual hours of the city. Sunrises, sunsets and the actual Myanmar locale are based on information in the geographical area.

Myanmar (Moreh/ Tamu - Monywa/ Mandalay)

Day 1: Arrive at the Tamu-Moreh Myanmar crossing point. Before your check-in, our tour guides will provide you with the MTT permit and the necessary documents. Day 2: Journey to Monywa or Mandalay of your choosing. Please note: This is the example and the route may differ. The itineraries are subject to alteration at any moment, according to the operations and circumstances, the period of your preferential departure period, your date of arriving at the frontiers, the period of entry and customs formalities, see our basic information and F.A.Qs (link to the corresponding subpages).

We can help you organize transportation between the frontier and another travel location according to your route. Expressbus/ Coach - departs MuSe at 07:00 (pick-up 06:00-07:00), arriving in Mandalay at 19:00 or 20:00. The collective taxis normally leave Mu Se around 07:00 (pick-up 06:00-07:00), arrive in Mandalay around 19:00 or 20:00.

Arriving in Mu Se before midday, there is also a collective cab from Mu Se to Lashio and Mandalay, which operates on the "first come, first served" principle and leaves when all places are occupied. Flight between Lashio and Mandalay/ Yangon. There' are also trains between Mandalay and Lashio.

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