How far from Yangon to Naypyidaw

Where is Yangon to Naypyidaw?

Routes between Yangon and Naypyidaw. It is very easy to get from Yangon to Naypyidaw by bus. I noticed, however, that Naypyidaw is not too far from Loikaw. MILE, FROM, TO, KILOMETER, DRIVING LESSONS. Naypyidaw, Myanmar travel information.

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All buses depart from Yangon to Naypyidaw at 6:30 to 21:00 from Yangon Airport 5 or 6h. Others are 2 or 3 more but not in the main area, thingsangyun, southokkalapa, Baham and mightangone township.first, they will stop from their branches to a ungmingalar coach station.there will be 1 or 2hours to maintain other passangers and then will be left on time.

From Yangon Internacional de Yangon you can go directly to the Yangon Internacional de Yangon Railway Company train stations, 9 km from the intercity center, 20 km from the intercity center, 7 km, 10 km, 12 km from the city center to the office. If you go to the YGN National Park this weekday from ygn, you should take reservations for the card.... Mostpeople they work, their business in YGN, but they are living in this city. So they want to go to YGN at the weekends to spend with the ancestors.

Naypyitaw to Yangon by rail, coach, flight starting at 278.93 HUF.

How to buy Yangon - Naypyitawckets? What is the length of the Yangon - Naypyitaw line? There are 319 km of routes. Early departures are at 06:00, the latest at 22:00 hrs there. Yangon - Naypyitaw are operated by JJ Express, Myanmar Railways, Myanmar National Airlines, Air KBZ, FMI Air, Myanmar Airways Intl. the best fares for Yangon - Naypyitaw by bus is 7.26 (US $ 8.41) with JJ Express (6h), while the most costly price and probably the best would be 181.39 (US $ 210.26) with Myanmar Airways Intl, which lasts 1h on plan.

A number of providers offer snack bars, others stop at a food court on the street (some also offer a lunch in the fare). In order to have a secure and convenient journey Yangon - Naypyitaw, you can select the best valued tours and give your own rating.

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