How are you in Myanmar

So how are you in Myanmar?

" In Myanmar, to say "thank you," we say: Like they say, "I love you." You think this dictionary is worth a small donation? However, if you can learn a few basic sentences, you will not only have an easier time finding your way around, but you will also get a warmer response from the locals. The MMSpeaker is reborn with the best features, better usability and split-screen support in the iPad.

Greeting and farewell

Can I go now? thwa: twin. pyu. ba oun: Do you? khamya: na: le tha la:

It' impossiblema hpyi' won'nain bu: Be cautious: Don't go too fasttha di: hta: ba: phyei: byei: maun: Turn leftbe be cho: Take a right turn: Downhpyei Slow: byei: Turn backpyan hie:

Burmese in 10 simple 10-minute classes. - My Oh Myanmar !

You' ll be speaking Burmese in ten classes, ten mins. Myanmar tourist comes as far as hello and thank you. I' m not a foreign languages instructor. When you come to Myanmar for more than one vacation, if you want to study the country correctly, you need better learning materials than these (there is a hyperlink at the bottom of this page) and to study reading and writing.

You can also quickly read the numbers and recognize some place nouns when you are on vacation. Myanmar words consist of many brief words. You' ve got to find out how you think words are going to ring and how you want to use them. Using French style pronunciations, I put them in parentheses to indicate choked tones and overpaint'flat' tones to prevent muddle.

You' ve got to do something singing instead of speaking Burmese. When you say things exactly as they are spelled here in my make-up phonetic, you will not quite ring true, but you will be in the baseball stadium. Anything that worked for you in Mandalay may not work in Yangon. To ask - and recognize - a useful ability.

It is not necessary to know how to ask all that, what, where, who, how, what and when offstage-it can come later - but you cannot get far without asking these few of them. There' a few things all attendees often have to ask. Answer your question and get the answer to your question.

Yeah or no. Positively or negatively. The Acan She Day is a welcome reaction. It is a very important piece of music. At the end of an adjective, this day sounds like a declaration of affirmation. In Burmese we can say Bu Day Naw the same way.

Unlike in questioning, verb always ends at the end of a sentence. Myanmar is very context-sensitive. Yangon Ko Thwa May could be one of them. Quite literally Yangon. Pronouncedly five (and fish) is made Nga a noise in the gorge, the tongues do not contact the top of the mouth. NG is the same as the NG tone in the midsection.

It is a really good way to know how to say it when you go to the Ngapali beaches. Other Burmese tones cannot be found in Europe. There' is a tone between b and b. A tone between d and d. And a tone between k and y. This contains some of the above samples.

Sadly, some characters and tones vary according to the characters next to them and the words they are used with. They' re not here to study the school. Try what you have and hear where your soundtrack may not be quite right.

Myanmar people use words to count everywhere. It' so much fun learning them. Though it may seem complex, it is not much more than a slice of sandwich, beers, etc. In Bamar Z?-G? Né-Né Piaw Da Té. This means "I know a little Burmese". Aung Soe Min and Nance Cunningham at the Pansodan Gallery in Yangon release a great online glossary sold for $10.

It is an awesome piece he made for Coconuts Yangon on how to learn Burmese. This is a hyperlink to the awesome Burmese of Detective Burmese, authored by the radiant John Okell, also of SOAS.

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