Housing in Yangon

Accommodation in Yangon

Get accommodation, rent a house in Myanmar and much more. In essence, this is a copy of my blog entry entitled "Yangon Housing Primer" from last September. Housing For Expats Public Group You must be very fast. A fabulous fully equipped 2-room flat is the ideal, reasonably priced lodging for a couples, a whole host family or single people. It is also a fast and simple route through the town.

You' ll enjoy the tranquility of this flat, as there is no lodging next door.

There are numerous stores, cafes, bars in the area that make every visit a real Yangon down-town adventure, as well as the opportunity to explore the Yangon by day, as the flat is only 5 minutes away from Chinatown's main street/busses. There is no commission charge when our customers conclude an annual lease.

When you only conclude a 6 monthly lease, we only bill half a month's lease as an intermediary commission. You must be very fast.


So, it's been a while since I spoke about housing. Several of you have probably asked what my plans on this front are, and others have asked for help with navigation in the housing world. After I have just gone through the whole procedure, I can agree with some thoughts (please note that these are only a few points of my own experiences and should only be used as a point of reference).

Prepare to find a restricted range of single rooms or studios. A six-month stretching period restricts your possibilities. This means that you must have with you at the time of the deal tens of thousands ofthe US dollar in Burma's Kuna. In Yangon it is not unusual to see real estate payments in real estate deals (note: this image is not from an estate deal, and I'm not sure how much it is, but the invoices are probably 1,000 kyats or about 1 dollar each):

Brooklyn is a road named Yaw Min Gyi. It is a rather small road with a great deal of road congestion (apparently it is still alive at night). Much is being built here, new residential houses and office space is being built. It was about the equivalent of a traditional US study flat, but a dividing wall was erected to make a temporary centered room (the wall did not go up to the ceiling).

Road traffic sound was clearly to be heard. There' s a big building here, with a big new business center named New Yangon. West German type with Myanmar counterparts. Sabe who is from Burma and doesn't speak much English. Google Group "Yangon Expat Connection" (YEC) has an vibrant member society, many of which have subletting and flatmate enquiries.

Found a new lodging named York Residence (via Airbnb) in Yaw Min Gyi for about $35 per city. If another place on the road was obviously $70, how could it be $35? Now, I come to find out that it's only a stone's throw away from a huge building site (I've seen how work goes on here at night).

Summary: Unless you are willing to spend more and into something like one of the Shwe Ohn pine cooking editor entities, it does not seem to be a default for accommodation in Yangon. Normally there is a compromise between position, cleanness, noise, height and cost. This is a brief look at some of the apartments I've been to: a few of them:

These are some photos of my actual flat (remember that it was basically leased as a cement crate and completely individually decorated, inclusive furniture):

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