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GrĂ¥t Accommodation - Review of Kyal Pyan Hotel, Myeik, Myanmar Last months my family and I travelled to Myeik for 4 nights as part of a 10ay journey to Myanmar. It is the first Tripadvisor rating for any Myeik property, so first a few words about Myeik. MYIK is a seaport that will be the gate to the Myeik Archipelago once the Myeik authorities open the island.

Myeik has no tourism facilities and no genuine touristic sites in themselves. If you are a hiking tourer in Myeik, you will almost certainly be the greatest one. One of Kyal Pyan's best and most remarkable features is James ('007') Labal. We were on the road (I don't think we were difficult to find) and James became our travel leader for the next 2.5 nights.

He is one of the few English instructors in Myiek, making him one of the few English instructors in the city. He' s soft and considerate and knows Myiek, its story, its flora and fauna, its traditions, etc. Can you find him on Kyal Pyan?

For a long while our room did not seem to have been clean; the bed linen has even been changing lately. One last characteristic of the Kyal Pyan is that here, unlike elsewhere in Myiek, you will encounter other visitors, mainly German-speaking, as Myiek has made it into the English counterpart of Lonely Planet.

During New Year, at a time that seemed very high all over Burma, we never saw a lone visitor in Myiek, except at Kyal Pyan and the Aiport. One last hint about the hotels in Myiek: There are at least 3 or 4 possibilities, but if you have not made a reservation, you may be shown by the "helpful" border crossing at the Aiport.

We' ve seen one or two other choices during our stay, but we don't have the name.

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