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Rangoon (Yangon) city center hotels: Booking your hotel in Downtown Yangon, Yangon online. Locate all hotels in Downtown Yangon, Yangon on a map. You can check-in @ Downtown Yangon(Yangon (Rangoon)). Accommodation near Check In @ Downtown Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon) on TripAdvisor:

Top 10 Yangon (Rangoon) City Centre Hotels of 2018 (with prizes)

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Top 30 hotels and properties in Yangon downtown, Yangon, Myanmar

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Valuation of Hotel Grand United (21st Downtown), Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

One of the highlights is the roof overlooking the Shwedagon Pagoda. It' s not surprising, but an omelet, sandwich and cup of tea does the trick and was nowhere else in Myanmar. In the ideal case, if I went back, I would remain nearer to the Sule Pagoda.

The employees were very useful in organizing the taxi etc. Only hiccups were when we set up the later check out, but this news was not given to the personnel on call.

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