Hotels in Yangon Burma

Yangon Burma hotels

Khatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon. Check all hotel offers in Yangon at once. The Governor of Belmond's residence is located in a quiet, green district, surrounded by embassies, and is not your typical colonial outpost. Hotel Meli√° Yangon is strategically connected to the office towers and Myanmar Plaza, the most modern and complete shopping centre. The Yangon Hotel, a luxurious business and leisure hotel, is majestically situated on a beautifully landscaped garden with panoramic views of Yangon City.

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Top 30 hotels & accommodations in Yangon, Myanmar

Top valued hotels and unrivalled accommodation in Yangon, backed by 45,134 ratings from actuals! Really a fresh and invigorating civilization - it seems that way..... Really a fresh and invigorating civilization - it seems that they are so lucky in what they have. A good and neat town with good cultural life.

A good and neat town with good cultural life. Humans are kind and polite. And Yangon is a well-developed metropolis. And Yangon is a well-developed metropolis. This town is pretty neat. Hotels and restuarants of different categories are available. Yangon's highlight is the magnificent golden shredagon sanctuary.

They are very polite and kind (although cabbie..... They are very polite and kind (although cabbies often tried to pay too much). It was a living town that we were enjoying because it was the sea..... It was a living town that we really liked because it was the waterproof. They were very kind and liked to see the "Westerners", especially a big one like me!

So we know that our ratings come from genuine visitors who have remained on the site. Guest-holders spend the night on the premises checking how calm the room is, how kind the personnel are and much more. At the end of the journey the visitors tell us about their sojourn.

Residence of the Governor of Belmond

Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, has a lot to see, from the glowing Shwedagon Pagoda to sun-drenched pagoda ponds, frantic nightspots and historical archi¬tecture. From 1824 to 1948, a UK settlement, Yangon retained some of its former history, which can be seen in cosy teahouses and a fistful of photo hotels.

This old-fashioned accommodation is your best place to stay if you want to absorb Yangon's past and present. The Governor of Belmond's residence is situated in a tranquil, green neighborhood, encircled by messages, and is not your usual colorful city outposts. The Belmond Group's luxurious Belmond hotel is built in a 1920s house of tea wood, once belonged to the sovereign of the South.

Creaking wooden flooring, open-air dining, a hidden swimming pools - the Hotel Savoyen inspects all pits when it comes to hereditary delicacy. Featuring only 30 rooms and suite on site, the shop radiates a relaxing atmosphere full of past comforts. Everywhere in the hallways, restaurant and rooms you will find Myanmar antiquities, tile flooring and lots of Teakwoods.

It is just outside the town centre, but the site offers simple accessibility to Shwedagon Pagoda, People's Park and a variety of restaurants. This historical edifice on the shimmering shores of Lake Kandawgyi was built in 1934 when it first became the Rangoon Rowing Club, a favourite of UK warlords.

It has since had many reincarnations, among them an activity as the city's social office, a further roll as the Union Club Burma and later as the National Biological Museum. The Kandawgyi Palace was built around 1979 in the shape of several chalets, followed by the large tea tree motel that you see today.

Myanmar's architectural design with reddish bricks, tea-wood, glossy golden highlights and wonderfully maintained garden with a remaining monument altogether. Yangon Beach, constructed in 1901, was initially the property of the Armenian Sarkies Brothers, which also operated the East and East in Penang and Raffles in Singapore.

This face-lift will open a glamourous new age for the resort, with glossy terracotta flooring, shiny teak, glittering candlesticks and intelligent technical equipment in the 31 suite. The Strand Yangon will of course retain all of its award-winning attractions, but the upgrades and enhancements will bring the historical site back to its former splendour.

For the last over 100 years, the resort has accommodated well-to-do travellers, artisans, leaders and authors such as Rudyard Kipling and George Orwell. Sule Shangri-La was constructed in the early 1990' s, far beyond the settlement period, but it is still nodding in this class of hotels.

Shangri-La used to be the Traders Hospitality, but it was an important part of the city's economic growth, as many international investment and leaders checked in after the opening of the land to international investment. The 479-room motel, rebuilt in 2014, is a tribute to historic archaeological excavations, featuring airborne pianos, huge blank pillars, Myanmar vase, a spectacular glass candle holder and magnificent winding stairs that seem to be directly out of a movie compilations.

Check in at the weekends or just have a nap at the Old-World Gallery Bar, decorated with 18th century souvenirs, the venue couldn't be more comfortable for travellers - about five minutes on foot from Sule Pagoda, the Colonies District, China Town and Bogyoke Market.

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