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Taunggyi city centre has many hotels. Hotel rates are generally not expensive. Simple access to downtown Taunggyi. Taiunggyi, Southern Shan State, Myanmar. Simple access to the city centre and surroundings.

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You will only see hotels within 155 mile from the downtown area. That 30-room apartment, constructed in 2011........... Semi-detached 84 room semi-detached house, refurbished in 2012............ Constructed in homage to the Lanna architectural style, the resort is located on 60 hectares of rice paddies and plantation land....... Modern downtown motel - high-tech lounge with minimalistic designs - stroll to the downtown and overnight bazaar........

Relaxed view of the tropic landscape gardens, plenty of day light with contemporary decoration........ Semi-detached 281 room semi-detached house, constructed in 2006............. That 11-room apartment, constructed in 2013........... Semi-detached 69 room semi-detached house constructed 2008............ That 30-room apartment, constructed in 2014...........

2 night accommodation - Review of Shwe Kyun Hotel, Taunggyi, Myanmar

We' re staying three night in this motel. Very early at 5 to 6 o'clock in the morning we got to this place. We were checked in early when we got to this place, which is very useful because I took the night coach and we were allowed to have free breakfasts. Situated in the city centre ,which is very close to the street centre with supermarket & restaurants,also in the district, not very loud & quite quiet.

While I was there, my room had no telephone, then I let the staff know, they said the telephone was corrupted. If I need help, I have to go to the front desk.

Anyway, very pleasantly spent the night in this motel & I will remain here again. Greetings from Shwe Kyun Hotell, Taunggyi, Myanmar. Thank you for your choice and your time at Shwe Kyun Hospitality and we sincerely trust that you enjoy your time at Shwe Kyun University. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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