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Rangoon Burma hotels

Today the beach is over a century old and belongs to the big hotels of the world. Slated Kempinski Hotel for historic Yangon building in controversial plan The Swiss Kempinski Group and Thai and Myanmar investment firms are turning the old Rangoon Police Department into a luxurious resort rejected by Myanmar solicitors. NOYPYIDAW - The Swiss Kempinski Group, a Thai investment company and a Myanmar based diversified corporation were able to transform Rangoon's former police station into an elite global resort, a high-ranking officer said on Monday.

However, the privatisation plans are strongly rejected by a group of Burma attorneys who want to return the listed property to its role as Rangoon Division Court. "We' ve permitted the former police station to become a Kempinski hotel," he said. Kempinski Group, Thailand's Kanok Furniture and Decoration and Burma's Jewelry Luck Group Myanmar and Franck Droin, General Managers of the Kempinski Hotel in Naypyidaw, said in October they agreed to collaborate on the development of a former Spanish property on Strand Road.

"We' re going to have a Yangon establishment, it's a little early to discuss it in detail, as there's still a long way to go, but it will open in Yangon in late 2016. It' s a historical building," Droin said during an Naypyidaw meeting on Monday, not stating which historical buildings the global hotelier group would develop.

Kempinski in Rangoon will offer 229 rooms and suite, three restaurant, a lounging room, a roof top restaurant, a large ball room, a large indoor and outdoor pools and a spas, the group said in a November news item. This major upgrading is being carried out by Thai and Myanmar investment, Droin said, and added that the Kempinski Group will advise on the development of the property to meet global hospitality requirements and run the property.

Siam Commercial Bank in October announces that it has entered into an alliance with Kanok Furniture and Decoration to financially assist a Myanmar JV between Kanok and Jewelry Luck Group Myanmar to build the Kempinski Hotel in Rangoon until 2016. The Jewelry Luck Company was established in 1995 in Burma and has commercial interests in trading, hotel, logging as well as mines.

Rangoon Division Court was situated in the 90-year-old police station at the best inner-city position on the intersection of Sule Pagoda Road and Strand Road - until it was closed in 2012 and intended for retail use. Soon after, the Myanmar Lawyers' Network began organising protest against the surrender of court houses in the community of Pabedan, where both the police station and the Supreme Court premises were turned over to unidentified privately owned enterprises.

Later, the goverment gave up planning to build the 103-year-old courthouse. There was a shortage of information surrounding the operation in the Commissioner's office, and an allegedly Burmese company called the V Tiger Company was given the right to convert the giant facility into a five-star luxury resort in 2012. Since then, the site has been renovated, but no information has been published on how the goverment would profit from renting the enormous publicly accessible property to hotels and investment companies.

About 50 Myanmar attorneys protested against the developments of the former police commissioner's office in 2012 and May last year when they were threatening the Rangoon Division administration with a civilian suit over the plan. Myee Myint of Myanmar Lawyers' Network said on Monday that the group will keep fighting to turn the former police station into a hotelier.

"We' ve already held two demonstrations at the former commissioner's office on Strandstrasse. We have just filed a lawsuit against the government[about the project]," he said, and added that this was the lawyers' third move to get their appeal approved by a tribunal. In August, Kempinski opened a large Naypyidaw based Naypyidaw resort, financed by the Kanbawza (KBZ) Group and Jewellery Luck Company conglomerate, which spent a combined $45 million on building the resort.

The Hilton in the United States, Parkroyal in Singapore and the Accor Group in France also have luxurious properties in the military-built city. After Burma's opening under President Thein Sein's reforms in recent years, the number of tourists and businesses travelling internationally has risen sharply and the number of cosmopolitan tourists and businesses has come to the nation to expand their accommodation.

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