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"'Visited Kathmandu on a business trip & stayed at this hotel. Be it on the high trails to Everest or on the more gentle paths around this Himalayan kingdom, it is important to have a comfortable place to rest. Attractions are nearby. The hotel also organizes a taxi. All in all good experiences with the stay in the hotel.

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Nepal's best hotels, selected by our experts, among them luxurious hotels, boutiques, budgeted hotels and Nepal hotels. The Pavilions is not only one of the most beautiful fashion boutiques in Nepal, but also one of the..... Majestic location, well designed, incomparably managed; Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge has.....

Dalai-La calls itself a fashion house, and for good reasons. The Tharu Lodge is rustical refinement per excellen.

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Best luxury hotels in Nepal

Whilst Nepal is known as an inexpensive backpacking country, there are many beautiful hotels that do justice to the "luxury" end of the notion. Many of them also have the added advantage of being cheaper than luxurious hotels in other parts of the globe. We offer a wide selection of the best hotels in Nepal, from antique hotels in the cities to wildlife safaris in Nepal's best hotels.

Dwarika is one of the most attractive hotels in Nepal. It is not in an unusual position, just a brief stroll from the temple of Pashupatinath, but behind its ramparts lies an haven of architectonic charme and handed-down luxurious. Dwarika Das Shrestha established it in the 1960', partially as a conservation and revival plan for the Kathmandu Valley's tradition of Nevari handicrafts, which he considered threatened.

Today the walled and wood sculptured wooden motel is virtually a monument built in the tradition of the city' s old buildings (as found in the squares of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar). There is also a beautiful swimming pool in the middle of the yard, a number of restuarants that serve some of the best kitchens in Kathmandu, great buffet breakfasts and everyday sessions with a instructor known for his eccentricism.

Dwarika's is your best option in the Nepalese capitol when cash is not an item. Dwarika's Kathmandu Urban Ownership is all about style, while the newer Dwarika's Dhulikhel resorts are focused on relaxing in a hilly area. In Dhulikhel, about 30 kilometers (one and a half to two hours) from Kathmandu, there is a wonderful view of the snow-covered Himalaya on clear day.

From there are many open-air lounge areas to admire the view, an exquisite spas offering a variety of treatment and even an open-air labyrinth of relaxation. The Barahi Jungle Lodge is situated in Meghauli, in the west part of Chitwan and on the bank of the Rapti River.

Barahi is a good choice if you want to go on a wildlife tour in Chitwan National Park but don't want to miss out on your wellbeing. Chitwan offers all the attractions that draw people to Chitwan - natural walking tours, canoe trips, an "elephant briefing", Tharu culture events and various kinds of safaris.

Every straw-roofed detached house has its own terrace overlooking the riverbank and the nearby nature reserve. It has 34 luxurious rooms and a luxurious hotel room, a luxurious hotel room, a Jacuzzi offering Ayurveda, Thailand and other treatment, and an outdo. The Meghauli Serai, Chitwan is part of the Taj hotel group, a well-known hotel group.

Situated near the Rapti riverbank, the 30-room chalet is set in the rugged natural surroundings of the nearby parks and buffers. A stunning inflinity swimming pool overlooking the rainforest and canopy. This is the place where all liveaboard safaris are offered, as is usual for hotels near Chitwan National Parks.

Hyatt Regency is a favorite among Kathmandu expatriates for its beautiful indoor and outdoor pools and epoxy buffet breakfasts (chocolate fountains, everyone?), but it is also a joy for travellers travelling through the Nepalese state. In Boudhanath, it is only a 10-minute stroll through the backyards to the breathtaking Boudhanath Stupa, the most sacred Buddhist site outside Tibet.

It is a large but it doesn't seem to be too personal, thanks to the nicely decorated entrance hall (with its sculptured chortens), the many eating areas and the ground floor spas, which are probably the best in town. Tiger Tops was founded in 1964 and is one of the oldest tourism facilities in Nepal and has a good name.

Tharu Lodge is situated just outside Chitwan National Parks, just a few steps from the Narayani River that divides the Tharu Lodge from the surrounding area. It is not situated in the bustling Sauraha, where there are many parkside accommodation and shops, making your stay here feel more secluded and serene. There is a choice of luxurious marquees (with the focus on luxury!) or rooms in clay structures - both are beautiful.

There is a well maintained garden, a large private garden, a private outdoor terrace, a private garden, a private garden, a private garden, a private garden with a private garden, a private garden, a private garden with a private garden, a private garden and a private garden. Next to Tharu Lodge is the Elefantencamp, a pioneer project in the field of elefant shelter. The Bardia National Parc is located in the far western part of Nepal, a much less frequented junglesque than Chitwan, but a favourite destination for those looking for a wildlife adventure.

The safist-inspired Tiger Tops has moved his classical safari-style accommodation from Chitwan to Bardia at Karnali Lodge. Though it is more of a quest to get from Kathmandu to West Nepal (a plane to Nepalgunj or a very long coach ride), the reward is fewer visitors and a greater chance to see the Royal Bengal Tiger, the kingdom of the jungles.

Situated in the Khumbu area ( "Everest"), these luxurious hotels are strategically situated along the Everest Base Camp trek routes and its surroundings: The first distinctive characteristic of the Gokarna Forest Resort is that there is one of only four holes in Nepal. It is a beautiful 18-hole course and popular with wealthy Nepalese and international golfers.

The second peculiarity is that the adjoining Gokarna wood was once a shooting ground of the Nepalese kings. There is also a beautiful indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness studio and a spas, a classy lounge and room-high window in some rooms with a view of the forrest. The Gokarna Resort is located very near Kathmandu, but far from it.

The Temple Tree Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels in Pokhara, the beloved lakefront town that is a gate to the Annapurna Himalayas. It has first-class services and stylish, spacious and cosy rooms. It has three eateries and pubs overlooking the swimming pools and the lakes.

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