Hotels in Myanmar Burma

Myanmar Burma hotels

Myanmar's small and beautiful luxury boutique hotels. Explore the new Inya grand piano with traditional Burmese art and modern aesthetics. Have a break from the warm sun with a refreshing dip in the pool or dine in Spice Garden, a delicious blend of Indian and Burmese cuisine. One of the best boutique hotels in Inle Lake, Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar. Current travel information for Mynamar.

Myanmar Burma 3* Hotels, 4* Hotels, 5* Hotels in Myanmar Burma

The majority of the 5* hotels in Burma are internationally renowned hotels and are situated only in Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay. Sule Shangrila Hôtel, The Strand Hôtel, Belmond Governor's Residence, Melia Hôtel, Sedona Hôtel, Chartrium Royal Lake Hôtel, Novotel Hôtel. While some hotels provide 5* service and luxurious, due to the number of rooms, they are categorised as small and beautiful luxurious hotels-resorts.

Most of them are in Bagan and Inle Sea. Many new hotels were opened in Burma last year and most of them are four* hotels. Myanmar 3* hotels in Myanmar offer good value for your budget. Roomy rooms, large outdoor pools, more than one meal and drinks for rent etc.

Myanmar Treasure, Sunny Paradise ,Eskala Hôtel, Ngwe Saung Yacht Club Resort, These hotels have a large private terrace, a large private garden, a large private garden, a beautiful view over the sea, a beautiful garden and a large garden. Emerald Sea Reserve,

Myanmar Yangon (Burma) Hotels, Weather Forecast & Climate Information

Although Yangon (Rangoon) was deprived of its capitol in 2005, it remains the most populous town in Myanmar and attracts many businesses. It has a cozy atmosphere, thanks to the variety of its inhabitants from places like China and India. Shwedagon Paya, a heavy loaded gold Stupa with eight of Buddha's hair, is the town' major tourist attractions and is situated in the centre of the town.

The Yangon River's building and road pattern are a good example of the city's UK clout. Myanmar's most famous global landmark, Aung San Suu Kyi, was freed from home detention in November 2010 and is now a member of the country's Pyithu Hluttaw Parliament. Naypyidaw has been proclaimed the new capitol of Myanmar, but Rangoon still has an intriguing mix of traditions, modernism, religion and trade.

It has three different seasons: a wet period begins from June to October, a colder and dryer one, they call it winters begins from November to February, and a summers, warm drying period from March to May. When you are planning to go to Yangon, the winters are the best, less wet and colder than the other times of the year, and you can see many people.

Yangon's tourism arrival rate in 2012 was one million, an 300% rise over the two years before. Therefore the accommodation in hotels and guesthouses is currently very limited. Travellers are recommended to book a room several month in advanced. You' re a page location owner - thank you for the update of the information about your place!

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