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Kawthaung Myanmar hotels

Big savings on hotels in Kawthaung, Myanmar online. Reserve in advance and save. The Kawthaung Hotel offers rooms in Kawthaung. Biggest and newest hotel in Kawthaung. Andaman Hotel.

Welcome to the Grand Andaman Hotel.

Top 6 hotels & accommodations in Kawthaung, Myanmar

There was such a neat, literate Taiwan 5 month backpacker tourism, and stay in a hostel (my own room) was actually cheap. The Myanmar simulation map - data - didn't work. Out of the city or in the city. Grocery poisoning kept me from going on my 6-day dive outing.

So, I book the Grand Adaman Island resorts. Managed by Thailand- but in Myanmar. Despite the rare times of the ferries to the resorts. The Grand Adaman was the right place if I had to be ill for a week. So we know that our ratings come from genuine visitors who have remained on the site.

During the overnight stays on the premises, visitors can see how calm the room is, how kind the personnel is and much more. At the end of the journey the visitors tell us about their sojourn. Before we add them to our site, we test for bad words and authenticate all our visitors' ratings. When you have made a booking with us and would like to give us a rating, please register first.

The Andaman Sea, South Burma, Burma, Tanintharyi Division

It is also the best travel location in the southern Thanintharyi state of Myanmar. Kind-hearted and alert personnel, small room, but everything you need is there! Two good swimminpools, one with breathtaking sea views and one around a lovely backyard! Lovely lounging room with breathtaking sea views and a Chesterfield chair and bench (don't know what that means) and good beverages.

It is a great place to enjoy a few short excursions from the hotels. Beautifully situated with views of the cove and the isles. Situated in a large and well-kept garden/park. The views from the B/f area are great.

The best Kawthaung hotels: Best places to spend the night in Myanmar

The Kawthaung area offers a suitable accomodation for every need, whether you want to spend a whole day or a whole sunday. Look for hotels in Kawthaung with on our onlinemap. Use our maps to see the areas and districts around all Kawthaung Hotels so you can see how near you are to sights and places of interest and improve your research in the area.

Kawthaung offers the best hotels with our low cost warranty. From Kawthaung (KAW), 6 km from the centre of Kawthaung. Here is a listing of some of the saisonal meteorological standards to help you plan your trip:

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