Hotels in Inle Lake Burma

Accommodation in Inle Lake Burma

The Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort. The Inle Lake View Resort & Spa. Mt Inle Hotel & Resorts. Explore the best hotels in the Inle Lake region, including Ostello Bello Nyaung Shwe, La Maison Birmane Boutique Hotel and Dream Villa Hotel. Slightly more than one hour drive from Heho airport to the hotel by car.

High-Definition photos + reviews of hotels in Inle Lake, Myanmar

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Top 10 Nyaungshwe Hotels of 2018 (with rates starting at £8)

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Accommodation in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Lake is one of Myanmar's most popular tourist attractions. Unlike many other top locations, however, Inle Lake always meets its requirements. Think of a large, picturesque lake surrounded by swamps and swimming pools. And if that's not intriguing enough, the colourful swimming market is a must. Locals from the neighbouring mountain peoples come to the city' s market, making it a true culture and delight.

We have compiled a shortlist of the best hotels and guesthouses to help you get the most out of Inle Lake.

Accommodation in Inle Lake

Lake Inle is a beautiful lake offering a wide choice of accommodation for every budget. About 100 inns, hotels and resort are scattered around the lake and are also located in the near-by city of Nyaung Shwe, where the dining and drink facilities are also wider. All, except for one of our referrals, are focused in Nyaung Shwe.

The city is our preference, not the lakefront accommodations, as the resort..... See our full report on Inle Lake overnight accommodations. Inle Lake's most accommodations, most of which include most of our referrals, are located in Nyaung Shwe itself. There has been an improvement in the city' s hospitality landscape in recent years, with many new arrivals and much-needed renovation work on older homes.

From 2016, Nyaung Shwe and Inle Lake had nearly 100 guest houses, hotels and resort properties. Although there is now allegedly a ban on granting new licences, major hotels and upscale resort establishments founded by multinational corporations or prosperous burmese are continuing to grow. Prices are consistent with what you'll find in any Burma province city, while often the level of service is above averages.

Each place we went offered ticket and trip information, had supportive personnel and contained breakfasts and doubtful WiFi. In Nyaung Shwe is covered by marshlands and is particularly affected by mosquitoes in the wetland. Remember also that this area generally has a colder weather than low-lying Burma, so outside the hottest months of the year there may be no need for AC.

As a rule, hotels serve breakfasts as part of the room price; the meals usually consist of balls, cup of cup of coffee vs. cup of tea, as well as a glass of onion, fruits and sap. We only recommend the Inle Lake View Resort in the small hamlet of Khaung Daing - and it is a very good one.

Located on the lake shore, the residence is onshore and has relatively simple accessibility to Nyaung Shwe. See our full report on the Inle Lake View Estate. Favourable locations, great rooms, great services and extraordinary prices make remember in our favorite in Nyaung Shwe. Located on the Museumsstraße, directly opposite the museums itself, it is a small hiking tour from the landing stages, but it is only a brief stroll to the square and most.....

See our full review of remember in. Have a look at our full rating of Aquarius Inn. Golden Empress is one of our best flash packers for Nyaung Shwe, with only 13 rooms, thanks to the tasteful furnished rooms and the extremely pleasant wait. Recently the powder-blue Haupthaus was converted and maintained into an inns.

See our full Golden Empress Hotel rating. The Inle Inn is a simple, family-run guest house that offers very inexpensive rooms with a minimum high rate of surcharge. The May Guest House is a lovely and beloved little place -- it's one of our favorite budgets for Nyaung Shwe, with rooms that start at a $15 low rate and $20 high rate discount.

Please have a look at our full report about the May Guest House. See our full rating of NK Little inn (Nawng Kham). See our full rating of Pyi Guesthouse. Aka Hotel Amazing, the rooms in the small and inconspicuous Amazing Nyaung Shwe Hotel are superb and the situation is also not too poor, with a view of a small creek that divides the east end of Yone Gyi Road.

See our full rating of Amazing Nyaung Shwe Hotell. Together with Hu Ping, Golden Dream is one of the oldest hotels of Nyaung Shwe. When you prefer a more classical type of hotels, your prices will be lower than the newcomers who..... See our full Golden Dream Hotels rating.

The Inle Star Hotel has a good but quiet position on the shore street, just a quick jump from Yone Gyi and its restaurants as well as the landing stages. Inle Star has many vistas of boating on the channel, which means it gets very loud in the early mornings.

Please have a look at our full report on Inle Star. The Maison Birmane Inner claims to be the pristine Nyaung Shwe style fashion house. Please have a look at our full report on La Maison Birmane Inner. Min Ga Lar In from Nyaung Shwe's many small guest houses is his Swimmingpool. It is controversial how often a swim in the relatively cold temperature of Inle is useful, but there would certainly be a few sunny nights when a bath might be welcome.

Apart from that, the inn has only a few rooms and a comfortable interior in a centrally located area. See our full rating of Min Ga Lar Inn (also Mingalar Inn). As one of Nyaung Shwe's longest term midrange choices, Paradise is still one of the best all-round offerings in the city. See our full rating of Paradise Hotel.

See our full rating of Sandalwood Hôtel. The Teak Wood is a long-standing managed company, which has developed over the years to a larger, small enterprise. See our full Teak Wood Hotels rating. THANAKA AKA Inle has possibly the best position in the city, with very cuddly rooms, and the price to correspond, although no swimming pools makes for a little high rate.

Thanakha competes in this top area with the cozy Maison Birmane, the stilted chaleet charms of Viewpoint and the stylish Inle Lake View with its endless swimming pools and lake backdrop style. In order to contact Thanakha..... See our full rating of Thanakha Inle Hotel. Its cuddly interior and the recently opened mansion's country-style tea wood work very well together, making it work very well compared to the new cement stones rising up in the city.

This two-story, black and reddish tile edifice is located between several newer hotels on the edge of Phaung Daw Pyan and Kyaung Taw Anauk Street in the southern part of the city area. See our full Review of The Manor Hotel Inle. The Plush Viewpoint Lodge is the only place in the city of Nyaung Shwe with stilted rooms on wooded paths above the Waters.

This is the place for you if you are looking for an Inle-meets-Maldives-style lodging, but don't want to be trapped in an expensive pit in any part of the lake. Note that the rooms are great and definitely better than the ones we have seen....... Have a look at our full report on Viewpoint Lodge.

Good riverfront locations and low pricing are the Gypsy Inn's most important sales arguments - otherwise it doesn't have much to offer. This guesthouse is located in an impressive two-storey, light-coloured, brightly coloured mansion on the banks of the Nyaung Shwe. View our full Gypsy Inn reviews ex Kawthaung from US$1,100.

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