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Bagan Lodge will spoil you with absolute luxury, from your welcome drink on your arrival to the last W. Including a stay at Bagan Thande Hotel during your tailor-made holiday in Burma. The Zfreeti Hotel is located in a prime location in Bagan and offers everything the city has to offer, right on the doorstep. Journey to the heart of our exotic destination Bagan! Excursion to the Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, a quiet paradise in Bagan.

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Said Gill Charlton, the writer of our inside scout on Burma: "In my opinion, the promenade on the banks of Old Bagan has been destroyed by an inadequate evolution of the government over the last 10 years. Lake Inle is another of Burma's favorite places to visit. Charlton said the price of hotels has risen, especially in Rangoon, where a four-star resort in need of renovation may cost 250 per room per day.

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Whenever you open the drapes from your room, you can see the panoramic views of the old Bagan temple. Renowned Pagoda are Su La Ma Ni Pahto, Dhamma Yan Gyi Pahto, Ananada Temple, Shwe San Daw Paya and That Byin Nyu Temple. Here your Bagan dreams come real!

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Following the success of Ostello Bello Milan, the Ostello Bello staff is proud to announce the opening of a new and thrilling hotel in Bagan, Myanmar! Hostello Bello is the idea of a group of genuine Italian travelers who know what a host needs.

All areas of the Youth hostels are open 24/7, and all amenities and amenities are available at all times.

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Anawrahta, King of Bagan and Kyansitt, the two most famous emperors of Bagan, can be seen in the Royal Bagan Hospital. The Royal Bagan is situated on Anawrahta Rd, a major street in Bagan, the most important architecture in Myanmar. You can reach it by train, plane and express, our hotels are easy to reach everywhere.

The Shwe Si Gone Buddha, the renowned and omnipotent Buddha of King Anawrahta and King Kyansitt, can be accessed by bike or motorbike in 10 mins. It' also near Bagan Golf Club and Nyaung-Oo Market. A 15 minute drive from the Royal Bagan Airport, 15 minute drive from the airport and bus station to the old town of Bagan, the Royal Bagan is known for its comfortable and traditionally welcoming Myanmar and magnificent historic buildings.

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