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and more in Bagan. Explore the best hotels in Bagan, including Ostello Bello Bagan, New Wave Guesthouse and Oasis Hotel. Find the best hotels in Bagan. Situated in the archaeological zone of Bagan. Bagan hotels are luxurious resort style boutique hotels.

Accommodation in Bagan

Bagan is located between Nyaung-U and New and Old Bagan. By and large, the most sophisticated resort in the latter, most affordable in the first and mid-range in New Bagan. Remember that Nyaung-U is the biggest city with the most rooms and restaurants, but farthest from the temple and most visited in the high seson.

Bagan stretches across a wide plateau, bordered on two banks by the Ayeyarwady River and home to tens of thousand memorials, and is an impressive and intriguing place to discover. Whilst some of the memorials are marvelous, the lodging is usually less. Have a look at our full report on accommodations in Bagan.

If you swallow the town of Wet Kyi Inn, you get a four-kilometre stretch littered with inns and hotels. Please see our full report on Oasis. Our well-kept rooms offer excellent value for the price and make Bagan one of our top addresses. Have a look at our full rating of Zfreeti Hotel.

The rooms are a good value for Bagan, especially if you have a basement, a patio in which you can lock yourself up. Have a look at our full report about the New Wave Guest House. This is a stylistic shift from most of the small hotels and guesthouses of Nyaung U. The old Thante has cottages in a well-kept, luxuriant gardens. Thante has an old sense of education and while the chalets.....

See our full rating of Thante Hotel. Bagan Umbra's brandnew two-story rooms are located in a spacious backyard with a vast and pristine outdoor heated outdoor heated area. Whereas the development in Old Bagan would not be out of place, the low seasons are kept at least at a good middle class leve.

Bagan Umbra is the noblest of the Wett Kyi Inn hotels and has the same advantages and disadvantages. It has the Bagan feeling, with..... See our full review of Hotel Bagan Umbra. There is a small hotel styled hotel foyer, behind which there are two storeys with quite normal guest rooms.

Have a look at our full rating of Innwa Guesthouse. The May Kha Lar Guesthouse is located in a two-storey, partly timber edifice with a powder-blue colour. This reconstructed home has some sensible offers for Bagan and is probably a good place to see other backpacker tourists when you are traveling alone.

Please have a look at our full report about the May Kha Lar Guest House. The New Life calling cards have an Main Road adress, although the site is clearly Anawrahta; one of the signs says a guest house and another a mall. Please have a look at our full report about the New Life Guest House. See our full rating of New Park Hotel.

From the outside, the guest house is a little funk, and although the interiors don't quite deliver what it promises, you can't really hit a $7er. Situated on the edge of Main Road and the side road to Shwezigon, Restaurant Ruow is just one of the.....

Please see our full rating of Pann Cherry Guesthouse. Eye-catching Royal Bagan has all the features of a funky, mid-sized, would-be boutique resorts, with a stylish swimming pool and a well-kept tropic gardens - with $20 sleeping accommodations, budget rooms at mid-rate prices and expensive home rooms. As we suspect, the entry is an effort to reach Anawrahta Road between Zein Motel and Oasis Hotel.

See our full rating of Royal Bagan Hotel. The low prices are among the lowest in the city. See our full rating of Shwe Na Di Guesthouse. It is a new design and looks better and clean than many other Bagan budgets as well. Have a look at our full rating of Winner Guesthouse.

Although its floor plan and rooms are not too poor, it has a little more than its best feeling. Please have a look at our full report about the Aung Mingalar Boutique Hotel. Bagan Princess has the strangest floor plan and décor, so you wonder what the designer had for lunch, but it works in a strange way, and some of the just as strange room prices are also quite good.

See our full Review of Bagan Princess Hotel. See our full rating of Eden Motel. on Skyscanner. Home to half adoze of high-end, large resort. The Bagan Hotel River View and Bagan Thande offered some very cheap low seasons, although the latter is our only true high seasons prop.

Bagan Thande Hotel Riverside's right to glory is that the prospective King Edward VIII remained here as Prince of Wales in 1922, so long is an overstatement. All in all, this is probably the least conspicuous of these Old Bagan Sites. This hotel succeeds in combining discreet mid-range as well as low-range packages with excessive high-range packages.

See our full review of Bagan Thande Hotel. The Aye Yar Riverview is situated on a large property on the river bank just south of Old Bagan. Founded in 1958 as a guest house of Burma Airways Corporation, the generous garden is well developed. These upscale Old Bagan Resort accommodations are often stylish and well-equipped, but in the case of Aye Yar the layout and surroundings are a separate class.

Please have a look at our full report about Aye Yar river view resort. Just outside the city on the southern side of the riverbank and near many churches, Bagan Hotel River View has a luxuriant gardens and general floor plan far beyond that of the adjoining upscale spot. Ayeyarwaddy and the well located patio are great assets, although there are some great low seasons that more than doubles prices for the year.

See our full Review of Bagan Hotel River View. Hotel @ Tharabar Gate is a plain and stylish hotel, with a lower button, more discreet décor and lay-out than many other Old Bagan extravagances. See our full rating of The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate ex Kawthaung from US$1,100.

Once Old Bagan, the New Bagan was until the regime threw the village dwellers on their backs to this dust laden intersection just off the main New Bagan memorials. Accomodation is generally bad, but at least the prices are not as high as in Old Bagan.

Ostello Bello's clever formulation and love of detail has taken the place of the Bagan lodging community in 2016. Ostello backpackers were originally in Milan and the ltalian owner used their proven system in Burma. See our full rating of Ostello Bello Bagan. See our full rating of Ruby True Hotel.

The small and charming home has much more of a hostfamiliy or at best a guest home than a hotel. But the two-story building, with its gray and colored greens, has a certain old-fashionedness. See our full review of Bagan Beauty Hotel.

Bagan Central successfully bridges the flash packer void in New Bagan. Located directly on Main or Khayae Street, it is also one of the scarce New Bagan locations that does not require a 15-minute stroll home after supper. See our full review of Bagan Central Hotel. Now, good for the low seasons, as we do not believe that more than double the prices at rush hours is warranted.

See our full rating of Bawga Theiddhi Hotel. See our full Review of Kumudara Hotel. with 12Go Asia. Please have a look at past editions.

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