Hotel Yangoon

Yangoon Hotel

One of the Preferred Hotels and Resorts. Located between Yangon International Airport and CityCenter in western Yangon. Hotel Yangon - Homepage Do you want a "no" to a meal including a snackbar? When we began ordering drinks, we asked him what kind of drink you were offering, he was offering orange, apple & pine-pear. It took us two jars of pineapples and more than 15 min.

to make two teacups of finished juic.

"There' s no more pinapple soda and I got you two jars of cider." OKKK! More is, a slice of cheesecake I plucked and the flavour hit my favourites and when I asked for more I was said "no" for the second year.

"No cheesecake left." I don't think the bar should be gone before the end of the bar (an 1/2 hours before the shops close), but it's still in order. What I think is, even if the article is no longer there, the personnel at the bar should offer: " I'm really sorry that we no longer have cheesecake, but, we have more delicious pie, you want to make dark brown pie or some...." blah blah blah....I was expecting.

All in all I would like to say: Thank goodness we are. Thank goodness we are customers in Myanmar. I dare not think any further when a non-German client has been served the food as I have been or has been handled in such a way. It will have a real impact on the Sedona Hotel's image that Myanmar cultural heritage has (as I find it a kind of rudeness) and I am concerned if it will lead to a failing of Myanmar's tradition of cultural heritage, as the Myanmar region is already known for its good reputations in terms of friendliness, courtesy, hospitality and good customs.

Bottoms up, my dear Sedona Hotel!

Hotel Alfa[Yangon] - Sacred Heart of Yangon

Only a 25-minute drive from Yangon International Airport and a 10-minute walk from the train stop, the most comfortable option for both recreational and work. The Alfa is a 5 minute walk from Tatmadaw Hall, one of the renowned trade fair venues in Yangon.

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