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The Strand Hotel, Yangon. Luxurious facilities and amenities at The Strand Hotel by Hotel G, including concierge and room service, private check-in/check-out and more. Situated on the banks of the Yangon River in Myanmar. Locate The Strand Info for Yangon Hotels. Hotels in Yangon.

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"Fairest inn east of Suez" In 1911, in his'Handbook for Travellers in India, Burma and Ceylon', writer John Murray named The Strand the'most beautiful inn east of Suez', a name he has had for over 100 years. The hotel, constructed in 1901 and soon taken over by the Sarkies, famous for Raffles in Singapore and The E&O in Penang, will remain one of Asia's most consistent and impressive colonial symbols.

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Opened for the first time in 1901, The Strand Yangon had experienced significantly better times in recent years. Situated on Strand Road, a bustling main road right on the Yangon Riviera, the Victory Precious Stone sits enthroned on the backs of shattering column houses and gleaming high-rise towers that dominate the city's thriving centre, overlooked by the top of the gold-plated Shwedagon Pagoda.

Inside, the main features of the initial plan - among them the large structure columns of the house, the beautiful wooden panels and the four posters - were retained, while at the same time being the most important features for a hotel in the twenty-first-century. P49Deesign, Bangkok-based interiors designer, has followed the story of the house by combining classic colorful and patterned furniture from the colonies with basketry stools and comfortable chesterfields.

Fill up with a dish of mulga broth - the fish buffet - and enjoy a buzzing nostalgic drink under the buzzing roof ventilators at The Strand Café or try Chef Martena's innovative Mediterranean cuisine at the Sarkies Bar before retreating for a siesta. While Yangon's electrical roads have much to boast, a gradual walk up the Irrawaddy up the recently started Cruise beach is a must, where the pleasure on board is the cherry on the cake after spending a whole afternoon discovering the temple-laden Bagan plain.

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