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Maya Hotel

Located in Long Beach, California, right on the waterfront, next to the Carnival Cruise Line and Queen Mary terminals. Find the lowest hotel rates for the Maya A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Long Beach. Hotel Maya | Accommodation at Hotel Maya in Long Beach

A seductive blend of South California and Latino style, Hotel Maya is a breathtaking seaside retreat opposite downtown Long Strand harbour with its fascinating city skyline. Surrounded by a luxuriant rainforest with more than 400 palms, the 11 hectare DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton Hotel on the shore radiates a unique indoor-outdoor aesthetics.

A few and a half minute from the historical Queen Mary, the Long Beach Convention Center and only 30 min from LAX, our recently refurbished hotel offers roomy rooms and comforts. Be it a relaxed week-end with someone, a marriage or a corporate event, this decades-old metropolitan play area with a touch of the tropics will capture the purest spirit of a latino holiday by the sea.

Maya Hotel - DoubleTree by Hilton - 806 photos & 490 reviews - Hotels - 700 Queensway Dr, Long Beach, CA - Telephone number

Review of the Hotel Venue & Banquet Grounds Only** came here for a great place for a private marriage. Undoubtedly they make many great marriages in spring and autumn, but the place was beautiful and perfect for the 150 people celebration. Also the hotel has a really good place to eat.

They were very friendly and the bed was much more convenient than the first hotel we spent the night in! This hotel would definitely be recommended if you are looking for a hiding place in DTLB. It was a pleasure to have a beautiful look at Queen Mary, to hang by the swimming pools, to get a free Chocokeks in the early hours (ask for these, exclusively for Double Tree and it's bommmmmb), and to take her free shuttles.

Ashlye, Lisa and the employees of Hotel Maya gave us a great time. This check relates exclusively to the banqueting facilities, the premises and the meal. It' a really lovely place. That dinner was one of the best dinners from a hotel dinner I ever had. It was fuzzy and humid with a slight undescribable taste and the vegetables, well, they were vegetables, but no discomfort because they look pretty.

We ended with the accommodation of our week-end and more! Some of the high points were: nice, secluded position away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre; excellent client services from check-in to checkout (especially reception and housekeeping); nice views from our room overlooking the jetty; wonderful, quiet stroll to the Queen Mary; the tables by the swim!

Nice hotel with very nice people. The seats by the water are nice and roomy. All in all, this is a nice hotel in a nice area. Great hotel, bad services. This was our first visit here and the estate is wonderful! There is a great swimmingpool and a peaceful cabana. As we have a large host families, we always have 2 rooms each night on a Hilton plot (which has helped us to earn the golden status) and every other hotel has given us 2 breakfast per room.

MIL phoned the hotel a few day before we arrived and purchased us some good facilities by the swimming pools. It was a big disaster! But it wasn't and MIL specifically said she wanted it serving by the swimming poolside because she knew we had reserved a cabin. I had it taken out and F&B got back to him and he said he would have it all shipped into the swimming pools.... 2hrs later my children in the swimming pools are done and still no meals.

One more call and when I say they can't find a serving dish capable of going into the swimming pools or a non-glass jug for the tango. Instead of a lovely display of the exorbitant extras (fruit and cheesecake plates, chocolated straws, buttered butter and French fries), everything was put in these bay cartons and one-way wooden pots from Sang-ria!

I' ve been to this hotel on work. The hotel is just a few minutes walk from the Queen Mary and you can see the Long Beach skin. The Hotel Maya is the HOTEL of the HOTELS! I' d like to stay permanently in Hotel Maya, my own tropic heaven. Alas for me, for I have been lost since I have departed Hotel Maya.

I am VixenZilla and I support the Hotel Maya... We' ve had our marriage service and the welcome here....stayed a few nights...we would like to expand our gratitude to our Mary Rose who has helped us from beginning to end....and wanted to thank Michael for taking good charge of us, especially my grandma...thank you for making our marriage nice!

Hotel facilities have old limbs, and although the hotel owner has made some efforts (mostly in tiki decoration) to refresh the estate, their efforts have usually gone wrong - the estate looks like something that was constructed in the 60s that should have been levelled a long since. Checking in at the hotel using the Hilton application, but when I tried to choose a room and create a room code, the whole thing got bogged down, so I had to queue at reception and make the pick.

Maybe this hotel has deactivated the in-app check-in? Reception never said anything about not giving me the 4:00 pm cash register, so I figured my enquiry would be honoured by the application. Quickly preparing for the evening before the cash register, I phoned reception to verify my belated cash register and let them know that 3pm would be okay.

You answered and said that everything they could provide would be at lunchtime, and that if I would stay later than lunchtime, I would be billed for another nig. and that they should have said to me at check-in if they did not want to comply with my requests for delayed payment.

Came to Hilton HHonors to make me a complaint and they call the hotel to make a complaint on my account, but they were shot with the same impolite receptionist. As for the rooms, I have a room with two double beds in Bldg. 1. I was asleep in a queen's cot, which seemed to have had a serious break-in, and I could not get a good night's rest.

As I tried to write this from the hotel room, the Wi-Fi broke down, so I had to use my phone's hook. To the good things about the hotel (it is an admissionly brief list!): the swimming pools are not so poor on a hot sunny days, the whirlpool is convenient, the views from the swimming pools are beautiful, and the foyer is fashionable and beautifully furnished.

I was here last week-end as a little outing for my friend's anniversary. For the room I got a travel zoo agreement which contained a room with sea views, a S' mores kitchen set for the fireplaces and two breakfasts in Fuego. I came for a week-end to celebrate my birth.

It was a beautiful and neat room with some sea views, two queen-size bed, good room offer, beautiful small balconies and a standing showers with small bathtub. The reception, Bell-Hop-Service and house-keeping were all very kind and welcome me. but I might consider a trip for the week-end to the hotel by the water in Long Beach.

Don't open staff but await to be paying hotel prices spirit, and I mean $11 dear for a beverage that is ok. I' ll be back in the near to relax and savour the wonderful, quiet Queen Mary environment. Thanks, Pepperdine University and Hotel Maya.

Overnight stay for a 2-day meeting. It' near the Queen Mary. What a beautiful ambience. Friendliness at the gate says it all about a hotel! Thank you MJ and Hotel Maya. I wish we'd been here longer. When you visit the Queen Mary, Catalina Island, and take a boat trip out of the port of LB, this is an excellent place.

They have a cabana, a whirlpool, a swimmingpool, a fitness studio, a quite tasty snack area and a hotel and the rooms are really special in form and lay-out with beautiful features like Granit in the showers, rocks in the heads, whitewashers, keurig cafe. The personnel was kind, but two particularly distinguished'the voice', Sabrina and Serena in the guests service deserved increases.

When Sabrina made me not only keep my place but also move to an even better room, I phoned with a last-minute invitation and wanted to call off my trip together. Coming for a fast week-end trip. Great personnel and a nice hotel! What a hotel!

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