Hotel Max Yangon

Max Yangon Hotel

The hotel's guest rooms have a sitting area and a flat screen TV. Novetel Yangon Max meeting room information, meeting facilities and amenities. The Novotel Yangon Max Hotel is located in Yangon. Great discounts for Novotel Yangon Max Hotel Yangon. The Novotel Yangon Max Hotel is located in Myanmar.

YANGON Nightclub - Novotel Yangon Max

A first class tourist location for businesses and visitors. Treat yourself to 5-star deluxe in 20 min driving from Yangon International Airports at Novotel Yangon Max. Observe the famed Shwedagon Pagoda from the pooldeck with a drink at the swimmingpools. Novotel Yangon Max is on Pyay Road, just 20 min by car from Yangon International and a few min on foot from Junction Square City.

This 366-room motel is the ideal option for corporate and holidaymakers. Though no longer the country's formal capitol, Yangon is still the biggest and economically most important town in Myanmar. The inner part of the town' s ski slope is overlooked by the breathtaking Shwedagon Pagoda, which can be seen from Novotel Yangon Max. Situated in the centre between the historic centre and Yangon International Airports.

The Novotel Yangon Max meets the needs of travelers on vacation with their families. Remain on the boardroom, entrance to the Premier Lounge. Premier Lounge entrance. Prepare your own dishes, select from a wide selection of Asiatic and foreign specialities, try "a la minute" cuisine?

Relax by the swimming poolside and enjoy a wonderful panoramic views of the Shwedagon Pagoda very healthful breakfasts and warmth. I' ve been on a bustling corporate travel to Asia and I' ve booked in and went directly to the SPA. Extremely kind and supportive personnel. The change at the motel was quick.

NOVOTEEL MAX YANGON, I like the MY, as I said above, the amenities vary all the while except for executive lounge employees are good and alert. They place the amenities is just satisfying, not really consequent in the work. I would want to remain in Max Yangon is again a dubious number.

Chef-room has a stale odor, which is rather surprising, as I pay more to remain on the boardroom. The personnel changes quickly another room for me. The room smells a little better, but not quite'musty' free. there is also a steady draining noise in the air-condition.

It' great to see you at the hospital. I' had a lovely sojourn here for two-night. The furnishings in the guesthouse are very new. Our personnel are very obliging, kind and supportive. First thing in the mornings at 8:30, the bellman came knocking on the doors. Two times at 10:30, two other boys came and knocked and asked for another name.

In my opinion, weddings should be forbidden in the hotels as well as on the ninth level on June 17 at 9-12 o'clock. Modern et terres conference room accommodation. Yangon Max personnel are extraordinary! Now with a welcome film from your Executive Lounge family.

He' a great young messenger for your hospital. I' ve done a bunch of stuff at the motel on this journey - two breakfasts, two midday sessions, a luncheon and a telephone call. The last occasion we used the office for a big get-together and a big supper at Le Cellier.

It was a great place for work. If you want to do a deal in Myanmar, you have to come to the conference with the right car - the Mercedes vehicles make the latest-look.

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