Hotel List in nay Pyi Taw

List of hotels in nay Pyi Taw

The Vegas Hotel, Nay Pyi Taw, Naypyidaw. Located in the heart of Nay Pyi Taw. Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Nay Pyi Taw reservation/access is included. Naypyidaw hotels near Royal Naypyitaw Hotel, Naypyidaw on TripAdvisor: The Kempinski Hotel Nay Pyi Taw Locations, Prices, Facilities: Expert Nay Pyi Taw Research, Hotel and Travel Index only.

Forty-seventh Congress of Southeast Asia Library

Accommodation must be booked directly with the hotel. If you do not send the filled out and duly stamped hotel booking forms back to the hotel of your choosing, please be aware that your hotel booking is not forfeited. The hotel list and further information can be found on the website of the congress. Please do not hesitate to ask the hotel for any changes.

Datahina Thiri City, Hotel Zone-1, e-mail : info@hotelmyattawwin. com, réservation@hotelmyattawwin. com, site web : wwww.hotelmyattawwin. com, site web : wwww. edenhotelsandresandres. com, H-34 & H-35, Yarzathingaha Road, Dekkhina Thiri Township, Hotel Zone (1), Naypyitaw, Myanmar. (without tradetax 5%)21 US$ (Walk-in_Foreigners), 20 US$ (Reservation_Foreigners), Superior (without tradetax 5%)37 US$ (Walk-in_Foreigners), 31 US$ (Reservation_Foreigners), 35000 MMK (Walk-in_Local),

Trade income taxes 5%)40 US$ (Walk-in_ foreigners), 35 US$ (Reservation_ foreigners), 40000 MMK (Walk-in_ local), taxes 5%)50 US$ (Walk-in_ foreigners), 40 US$ (Reservation_ foreigners), 50000 MMK (Walk-in_ local), trade income taxes 5%)70 US$ (foreigners), No. 5, Datkhina Thiri City, Hotel Zone-1,Naypyitaw, Myanmar, Tel: +95 67 414161-63; 420769, Email: ggh.npthotelzone@gmail. com, No. 9, Hotel Zone 1, Naypyitaw, Myanmar, Fax: +95 67414166, Email: goldenmyanmarhotel@gmail. com, www.goldenmyanmarhotel.

com/ Deluxe30 US$ (Foreigner), Deluxe Suite45 US$ (Foreigner), Additional bed15 US$ (Foreigner), JV-001 Taw Win Thiri Road, Naypyitaw 15011, FAX: +95-67-8105030, Guestroom80 US$ (Single Room), One Bedroom Suite120 US$ (Single Room), No.11, Hotel Zone 1, Yazathingaha Road, Naypyitaw, Myanmar, Tel: +95 67 3422201-15, Fax: +95 67 3421677, Email: +95 67 3421677, Contact: com. contact: Sales@The hotelamara; reservation@The hotelamara. MMK (Single), Yazathingaha Road, Hotel Zone 1, Naypyitaw, Myanmar, Tel: +95 67 422163-67; 422161, Fax: +95 67422168, Email:hotelgland. com, www.hotelgodenland-npt. comSuperior30000 MMK (foreigner), Deluxe40000 MMK (foreigner), Junior Suite60000 MMK (foreigner), Shwe Pyi Taw Suite800000000 MMK (foreigner), No.10, Naypyitaw, Myanmar, Tel: +95 67 414177-88, Yarzathingaha Road, Dekkhina Thiri Township, Hotel Zone 1, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, (+95 67) 434433, 434466, 434488, 434499, Email: http://www.hotelimperialjade. http://www.hotelimperialjade.

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, Tel: (+95)(67) 421 701 ~ 421 708; (+95)(9) 420 720 869, Fax: (+95)(67) 421706, E-Mail:; mmglhotel.npt.manager@gmail. com; reservation.npt@gmail.

Datkhina Thiri City, Hotel Zone-1, Naypyitaw, Myanmar, Tel: 067 3422016-17, Email: myatnanyone.naypyitaw@gmail. com, No. 5, Datkhina Thiri City, Hotel Zone-1, Naypyitaw, Myanmar, Tel: +95 67 414960-67, Email: sales@kmahotels. http://shwe-hin-tha-hotel-naypyidaw.booked., Hotel Zone 1, Shwe Kyar Pin St, Dekkinathiri Township, Naypyidaw, Myanmar, 12211, http://shwe-hin-tha-hotel-naypyidaw.booked. net/Superior30 US$(foreigners), Deluxe40 US$ (foreigners), No. 8,

Hotel Zone-1, Naypyitaw, Myanmar,

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