Hotel Lawka Myawaddy

Lawka Myawaddy Hotel

Myawadi Hotel Resort, Kayin State, Burma. Law Ka Hotel shared Lawka's video - at the Law Ka Hotel. Locations and sights around the hotel lawka.

Ka Pan Eain Hotel Legal Services

Myawaddy, Myaw Ka Pan Eain Hotel... Peaceful St; (4)Qr;,, "Bike World Myanmar Bed, Breakfast & Bike InnDescription: Bike World Myanmar Bed, Breakfast & Bike Inn is a one star hotel with plenty of space and easy access, whether you are in Yangon on your own or for an important centenary. The hotel's accessoires and service can be admired by businesses and visitors alike.

The May Flower InnDescription: This hotel has a variety of conveniences and benefits to make sure you have plenty of free day.

Lawka Hotel, Kayin State, Myanmar (Burma)

The Law Ka Thit SarHotel is situated in the New Bagan area of Bagan. I' m sure you'll like our services. That hotel is a place without all the bells and whistles like no TV. Other than that, the rooms are beautiful, showers good and warm, breakfasts good and beautiful on the roof.

A very impolite client support, especially from the managers. It' good for relaxing!

Myanmar 4 days journey

On December 6th I set off for Bangkok from Mawlamyine. Has been to Mawlamyine (Moulmein) and Hpa-an many a time. In general, the coach is not a favourite with Hpa-an/Mawlamyine unless you get a place on a Myawady-Yangon coach, but you may be obliged to travel to Yangon at full price even if you get off at Hpa-an.

Mini-vans and private/stock taxes drive Hpa-an and Mawlamyine. I' d suggest a limousine with skipper during the whole trip - try to bargain something up to 75.000 to 90.000 kyats per days. However only 7,500 (usually 10,000 Kyat) per person are charged for a single trip to Hpa-an and about the same amount to Mawlamyine.

You can reach Hpa-an by car/taxi in approx. 3 hrs on the new by-pass or 3rd foot. 5 to 4 hrs on the way to Mawlamyine. Myawady also has 3 ATM machines (2 KBZ and 1 Aeyrawady Bank) that are happy to take and issue Kyat up to a limit of 300,000 per payout plus 5,000 Kyat payout fees.

CB Bank in Mawlamyine now surcharges 6,500 Kyat, I believe. Hpa-an now has at least 2 cash machines, one of which is run by KBZ and the other by Myawaddy Bank. Though there is a lodging in Kawkareik, there is only power for about 4 hrs in the evenings and not much to do in this city.

I' d suggest Kawkareik just as a fast stop for a cup of tea or something, but to return to the city after driving on the new street is a wastage. You' d better stay at the motorway restaurant and then put a spoke in the wheel for Hpa-an. Many of the properties can be booked on or

I' d suggest the Glory Hotel or Hotel Angel's Land (both are on the same road and belong to the same owner), the Glory Hotel is newer, but also a little less expensive. They' re both 3-star and perfect (although you should stay away from the "Dungeon Room" at Hotel Angel's Land because it's cloudy, smelly and small), but for something more upscale there's the new Gabana Hotel, Hotel Zwekabin (although it's just outside the city and the Wi-Fi in the rooms sucks) or the brandnew Thiri Hpa - a hotel right next to it, which is probably a better choice, as it even has a swimmingpool and is a lot less expensive than the two-cabin.

The Glory Hotel and Hotel Angel's Land have rooms from about 30-35 US dollars in high time. Downtown there are less expensive hostels and guest houses, such as the Golden Sky Guest House, which looks a little like a garbage heap, but it's okay to stay asleep. Hpa-an is the best hotel in Hpa-an, about 10 km outside the city, but it is quite expensive - it is known as Hpa-an Resort.

Mawlamyine, try the Cinderella Hotel, where I always live. It is the best hotel in the city for various reason, but very hard to get a room on request, as it is also by far the most preferred hotel in the city. When you are collected, you can always try the beach, but despite its eponym, it is not nearly as enchanting as the Cinderella Hotel and 2-3 x more costly to use.

The Cinderella Hotel costs about 35-50 US$ per overnight stay (I stay on Agoda and buy in AUD), while the beach costs about 100 US$. Myanmar - Cathedrals, sanctuaries, markets and shampoo islands. One could also go to the battle cemetery and the end of the dead train in the near Thanbyuzayat, but it would take a whole full week, so at least 2 days in Alaska.

There are many merchants in Mawlamyine, so there are also good Indian/Indo-Burmese foods. The Hpa-an cave, Kyauk Palak (strange cliff formations with a pagoda in the upper centre of a lake), which climb on lime rocks like the Zwekabin and another one past Ein Du, of which hardly any tourist knows anything, although they lie on the city' s major street, old markets and old settlement farm.

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