Hotel Kbz Fc

Kbz Fc Hotel

Image is not KBZ - Rating of Hotel KBZ FC, Taunggyi, Myanmar The last minute we reserved through Agooda and got a good rate of S$120 per overnight. We just spent the whole evening, which we were sorry about. Astonishingly, the beautiful environment of the hotel and the staff's outstanding attitudes and services are amazing. It was too early, so we put our bags in the hotel and went on a full moon trip on the lakes.

When we returned from the trip everything was fine and we got our rooms, which I think is perfectly! Afterwards we have to have our supper in the hotel restuarant, because nobody wants to go out in the darkness with the barge to take the supper. It was quite fair the cost through the hotel restaurants was not like what critics said about some other Hotels where they know it is complicated to go out at nights so they judder up their grocery prices at the hotel canteens.

It was a wonderful place, whether it was by sun or not. It' not a lot of variety, but it's okay for the number of tourists who stay at the hotel. All in all it was a great event in this hotel, I want to be there again!

Magnificent rooms inside the lakes. - A retrospect of Hotel KBZ FC, Taunggyi, Myanmar

And the only way to get here and move around from the hotel is by sea. They calculate 8000 kyats on the ferries for a 20-minute trip to the hotel or 18000 kyats for the trip to the hotel and the visit of the city. So we decided on the 18 000 Kiev options, left the jetty at 11am and finished the trip at 4pm.

You said the cost is the same 18 000k yat for an entire full or half days! I think it's very costly for Burma. The hotel has a fully-equipped dining area. You pay 3000k yat for simple travel, usually free travel or a maximum of 500k yat at another hotel restuarant in Yaman.

Roasted paddy here is 5000kyats! You can ask so much because there's no way out of this hotel. In order to go anywhere, you have to buy the ship, which is very high. The hotel charges 10 000k yat for the return trip to the central cruise ship, the 8000kyat onboard.

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