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More in Taunggyi. They talk about seminars, workshops and breakfast. The Hupin Khaung Daing Village Resort Hotel. In fact, the hotel property is an expert at bringing the guest closer to a cultural part of the city. Aye, Thar Yar, Shan State, Taunggyi.

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Hotel Taunggyi City | Hotels in Myanmar

The Taunggyi City Hotel has air-conditioned lodging in Taunggyi. Amenities include a 24-hour reception, 24-hour reception, free WiFi and a hotel reception. Accomodation offers room and ticketing services for our clients. Each of the hotel's rooms is furnished with a sitting area, a TV with satellites and a free toiletry and a free en-suite bath.

Taunggyi City Hotel offers delicious breakfasts on a continent. Heho is the closest international airfield.

The best places to spend the night in Taunggyi, Myanmar

Shan state's main city, Taunggyi, is a magnificent gate to the area, especially Lake Inle, and you will find many of the best accommodation in Taunggyi located just outside the city. Taiunggyi is known for its beautiful fire ballooning party at the beginning of November, when huge animal-shaped snow baloons of red and white papers float in the city.

Taunggyi is a large, mountainous city on a non festive date, famous for Thai and Thai goods. Visiting the intriguing Indein-Dorf - this old settlement has many old stupa - you can reach it by boot on Lake Inle. Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery is an unforgettable time.

Aside from the gold sculptures and the shrine, it is also known as the Jumping Cat Monster, as the local cat was taught to leap through tires. Take a scenic cruise to the secluded town of Sagar. It has a convent and old stupa that make it a captivating culture and give an insight into country people.

Taunggyi's selection of the best accommodation is aimed at people of all interests, whether you are looking for a luxury getaway or a lakefront setting, we have everything under control. Monte Divino is a beautiful refuge not far from Taunggyi and Lake Inle. When you want to enjoy the view over Lake Inle, Villa Inle is a good choice, a shop with impeccably stylized mansions, an outstanding spas and first-class cuisine.

Take a flight to Heho Airport, 38 km (23 miles) from Taunggyi. Have a look at our best accommodation in Taunggyi, or expand the network and see our Mandalay or Yangon accommodation suggestions.

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