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Receive great offers for hotels in Kayin State, mm. The best family hotels in Kayin State on TripAdvisor: Hpa-An & Zwe Cabin Main Road, Hpa-An, Kayin State, Myanmar. The best business hotels in Kayin State on TripAdvisor: Travel reports, snapshots and prices for business hotels in Kayin State, Myanmar.

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Three new hotels for tourists from abroad in Kayin

The building of three Hpa-An in the state of Kayin's main city is under way to absorb the increasing influx of overseas visitors into the area, a government ministre. Thiri Hpa-An Hotel and Nyein Chan Yay (Peace) Hotel, which are said to Myanmar Business Today by U Min Soe Thein, Kayin State Secretary of State.

"The influx of overseas visitors to the Kayin state is speeding up, but there are not enough resorts. That' s why new buildings are being built and we will make sure that they are completed as soon as possible," he said. Nyein Chan Yay and Thiri Hpa-An will have 22 and 80 rooms, respectively.

According to U Tin Tun Aung, the Union of Myanmar Travel Association's (UMTA) co-author, Kayin State, which owns many touristic sites such as Bayint Nyin Cave and Hpa-An and Than Taung Gyi Hill, needs more hotel and restaurant facilities and better service as well. Currently there are only four in Kayin state with around 100 rooms, which leads to a shortage of accommodations during the high seasons.

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