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Inle Lake Hotel Myanmar

Gold Valley II, Bahan Township, Yangon, Republic of Myanmar. Most luxurious accommodation on Lake Inle: Get the best accommodation in Inle Lake, Myanmar. The beautiful Inle Lake offers a wide range of accommodation for every budget. Inle Lake's most accommodations, including most of our recommendations, are located in Nyaung Shwe itself.

Luxury Room

A magic of color and lighting, a special ambience, welcome to a part of the paradise at Lake Inle. Golden Lotus Inle Lake is a new 2014 style hotel with boutiques. Hospitableness and politeness found at Golden Lotus Inle Lake is often forgotten elsewhere. Golden Lotus Inle Lake in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar, is a new 2014 hotel with boutiques.

Lake Inle, untouched and untouched, is renowned for its beautiful landscape and the rare breeding of the Inthas, the indigenous inhabitants of the lake.


WiFi is available free of charge in open areas. It' a 5 minute walking distance from Nyaung Shwe Jetty and Nyaung Shwe Market. Free car park is available in the estate. Accessibility to a wide range of facilities, such as free Wi-Fi in all rooms, baggage deposit, Wi-Fi in common areas, room maintenance, transfers to and from the Aiport.

In the hotel you will find beautiful leisure amenities such as a private backyard to make your holiday memorable.

This hotel offers a restful and beautiful stay.

This hotel offers a restful and beautiful stay. After a long and enjoyable days, our guest can either eat breakfasts in room services or just unwind with a rub. The Yadanar Manaung Pagoda, Kan qyi Kiung, Yangon Kiung, Golden Cave Monastery, Golden Cave Monastery, Huing Gu Kiung and Mingalar Ming. It is 45 minutes by car from Heho Airport.

New Inle Princess Resort, Inle Lake, Myanmar: hotel review

From Yangon we reached Inle Lake at 6am after a long and rough 12-hour drive at noon. We jumped cold and tired with agitation into a queuing touk touc gladdy to get to our luxurious accommodations at the Inle Princess Resort. When we passed the luxuriant Inle landscape, we had only three things in mind: eating, sleeping and a wonderful view of the lake!

Inle Princess is one of the best in Inle Lake and we couldn't await to visit it! Inle Princess Estate is a group of 46 freestanding and stylized homes in a luxurious seaside retreat set against the breathtaking scenery of Inle Lake. When we arrived at the quiet place, it felt like we were in another kind of place and couldn't look forward to settling in and enjoying our sojourn.

The Inle Princess welcomes you! Nyaung Shwe, the capital of Inle Lake, is 30 minutes by car or 15 minutes by ferry from Inle Princess. On our way in we were welcomed by the Inle Princess welcome team and immediately freed from our backpacks and received a much needed damp towel and a welcome tipp.

Terrain: The beautiful environment of the resort: Rooms at Inle Princess are not really rooms. They are enormous, nicely furnished and have beautiful bathroom with free running baths and an outside showers. We enjoyed the view from our outside decks.

It had a spacious sitting area overlooking the mountains, a spacious bathtub, a seperate lavatory and a large washbasin area that separates the bedrooms and bathrooms. At Inle Princess Resort everything revolves around the lake view and we couldn't get enough of it.

We had breakfast on a patio with a view of the lake and had our beverages in the evenings in a pavilion on the premises while observing the unbelievable sundowns at Inle Lake. View of the lake:Sundowner on the pavilion with a view of the sunset:Sunset Bliss: We have all had our meal at the hotel because the place is quite remote on the shore of Lake Inle.

We had breakfast on the patio with a view of the lake, and we used to love our early bird watchers as the local boat picked up the local residents on its way to work and the tourist on a lake adventures. Dinner is also taken on the patio and despite a million mosquitos, the protection candle on and under our tables has kept us from biting!

Beverages were calculated in accordance with the other Myanmar hotel rates and it cost $5 for a 660 ml ale. Tip: Try the Myanmar verdant ale, one of the best Asiatic ones we have tasted! A breathtaking list of beverages made from Shan paper:

Some of the hotel's favorites are the recently constructed outside swimming pools, a lending room with every Myanmar guidebook you'll ever want to look at, and, please, two gorgeous Burma monkeys who adore nothing more than cuddling while they shuteye.

Thought we could loose Dave to the place when one of the kitties made him glow and it was great to see each other at first glance! That was the case on our trips in Myanmar, so we expected bad Wi-Fi when we came to the destination! There is a jetty on the property and we have already bought $45 for our half days trip to Inle Lake.

We were provided with a morning snack and hot covers to keep us out of the twilight of the Inle. It was a really great journey 5 hrs from the hotel! Inle Lake fishing tradition: Inle Princess was one of the highlight of our Myanmar lodging, although there is a real cost to luxurious Myanmar!

It was $560 for our two-night stay at the spa, but it was really something for us. The hotel, the lovely villas and the delicious cuisine. We had a great time being directly at the lake and being picked up by our own boats for our Inle-adventures!

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