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Explore the best hotels in Chin State, including The Floral Breeze Hotel (Mt. Victoria), Hotel Moe, Ingyin Guest House. We can help you book hotels and cabins in Chin Hills. Cottages on Chin Hills, West Burma. Myanmar, Mindat, Chin State, Chin State, Mountain Oasis Hotel, Mindat.

Bangladesh, Sagaing Region, Magway Division, India.

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Are you looking for accommodation in Chin Hills? Looking forward to hiking and exploring Chin Hills? For chalets in Chin Hills we book with low tariff. All your Chin Hills hiking needs can be catered for. Explore the breathtaking natural beauties. Hiking in Chin Hills.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for our tours. So when do you want to go to Chin Hills? The hotel is situated in Kanpetlet city in the south of Chin State, where the temperatures are cold all year round. Rooms are built in chin tradition and eco-lodges. 24-hour security, laundry service, 24-hour reception, restaurant and bar for Myanmar, Mediterranean and China food; shared bathrooms, hot and cold running hot and cold waters, free breakfasts, electricity from 6pm to 11pm.

Mount Victoria's Nat Ma Taung in south Chin State rises to 10,500 ft (3,053 meters) at the top. The Chin Hills region stretches into the Indian state of Manipur. Where' re Chin Hills? There are many scenic areas for birdwatching and hiking in Chin Hills.

China Hill | Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar

The chin state is mainly reachable by road along the hillsides and dales. The Kanpetlet and Mindet are reachable from the Bagan area. Kanpelet is Bagan, Chauk, Saw, Kanpetlet - 156 km, a full outing. Bagan is the best base for all excursions in the state of Chin.

Also known as the Chin hills for its hilly terrain, the hilly terrain is higher and the Shan Mountains fall down more. China has several minority groups and is different than Northern Chin and Southern Chin. The Chin Hill area will present pristine nature and abundant historical and artistic patrimony. Every journey to the Chin state can live the genuine mountain people civilization.

Chinese are known for their allegiance to the master craftsmen and known for their woven arts and their flutist nose-players. The Chin is an interesting place for tourists because of its adventures. So far you can see Chin women with tattoos on their faces. Arrival to Chin is mainly by road along the mountainsides and dales.

China State is a great place for trekking and hikes if you love the countryside and want to explore it. There' s a wonderful heart-shaped pond named "Reh" near the boundary to India. Taung salad or treehododendron and many orchid species embellish Chin State Myanmar. China New Year celebration takes place yearly on the rising lunar of Kason May.

The Sa -Lan dancing is played by pretty girls. Queens of the Chin tribe are known for their tattoed faces. Many Chin queens in the south of the area still have face tats. Chin girls are known for their tattoed faces. The Natma-taung National Park, 478 square kilometers in width, was founded in 1994.

There are also a number of rarer Myanmar orchids. The Bungtla Falls, 26 km from Matupi, is the longest water fall in the state of Chin. Bungtla Falls is one of the most well-known water sources in the state of Chin. One of Myanmar's most splendid and scenic seas, it is regarded as the centre of the scenic state of China.

Chins believe that all ghosts have to go through the sea. Indigenous and even Indian believe that the soul of their forefathers lives and prays in the sea. The Kalandan River, around 320 kilometres long, is a bustling river that marks a key part of the world' s frontier between India and Myanmar.

The floods that occur twice a year feed the many farmland along the north shore. It is the main city of the Fallam District in the north of Chin State. The building is constructed in several stages on the slopes of a rock. It is a fairly neat and orderly city and the quality of life is quite high. There''s a good place to study and go to the traditional house of the Chin chef, about 24 km from F³a³.

Lovely landscapes of Falam Township are noteworthy for those who enjoy nature's beauties. There is a wonderful heart-shaped pond in the Falam area, named "Rih", near the boundary with India. It is the administration city of the Township and lies in the north of Chin State. It' the biggest city in the state of Chin.

Its name derives from a swimmingpool in the hill, which used to sparkle in the sun, so it was referred to as "te (bright, shiny)" and "dim (sparkling, sparkling)" in the Zomi vernacular. It has embankments, caverns, peaks as well as other rides, such as Lennupa Mual, Twin Fairy Hill and historical places.

There' s a wonderful landscape along the streets. She is very kind and lovingly handsome. The Hakha is located in northern Chin State. Located on the slopes of a large hill, at 1890 metres above sealevel, it is U-shaped. The most easily accessible city in Chin Hills, it is a nice, quiet and quiet city in the south of Chin Hills.

Located at 1482 meters above sealevel, it is a commercial center for the state. High pines line the access roads, while far away hills shade the city. Then, there are the small, nice timber buildings with picturesque scenery along the Hauptstraße. The locals still wearing Chin clothes and wearing Chin hampers and knifes, while some men are wearing homemade shotguns on the street.

A lot of females still clothe gorgeous chin collars, while some old females still wearing huge chin ears. Kanpetlet, a small city that is probably the smallest city in Chin State, is located in the south of Chin State. It' constructed on the hillside of the hill, with big hills in the shade. Scenes from the city are very nice, especially before the sun sets.

Overcast by thick mist in the winters, the whole city is transformed into a small wonder. It is still untouched by the contemporary age and a very good place to see the Chinese Tradition. Humans still live as they did centuries ago.

It' better to use Kampellet as a basecamp to observe fowl and moths (especially nice in this area). It is only 80 km from Mindat and 19 km from Saw.

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