Hotel in Chin state

A hotel in the state of Chin

Recommended hotels in Chin State. The hotel is located in Kanpetlet town in southern Chin State, where the temperature is cool all year round. Hotel Win Unity Kanpetlet Natmataung Chin State, Mindat, Chin State. Mya Yamone Riverbank Esplanade Villa, Thin Gangyun Tsp. Yangon.

Phone: Mya Yamone Riverbank Esplanade Villa, Thin Gangyun Tsp. Yangon. Phone:

Chin State Apartments, Mt. Victoria (Nat Ma Taung) 2018 Update Schedule

National Park Nat Ma Taung, which belongs to the ASEAN Heritage Parks (AHPs). It is possible to ascend Mount Victoria (Nat Ma Taung or Khonuamthung in Chin State) 3,053 metres above see surface and lies between 21 24 N and 93 55 in Chin State, within the townships of Kanpetlet, Mindate and Matupi.

Part of the Himalayas, it is situated in the west of the land and covers 722.61km2. It is the area of the periwinkle wood, the pinewood and the savannah of hills within which more than two hundred kinds of birds are known. The excursion to Mt. Victoria provides leisure activities as well as the observation of the nature in the mountains, birdwatching, the observation of the Chinese hiding and their way of being.

The hometown of the south Chin strains Dai, Upu and Ya. You will drive from an old Myanmar village, Bagan to Kanpetlet, through Chauk, Seikphyu and Saw Tower for about 4-5h. Meanwhile the way from Bagan to Kanpetlet is passable all year round.

Sky Palace offers a new comfortable mansion for your journey to Mount Victoria Chin State with 26 new rooms and an affordable rate. Each hotel has a finite power connection from 18:00 to 22:00. Kanpetlet, Chin State, Myanmar. The Floral Breeze Hotel (Mt.Victoria) is a new hotel with 28 wonderfully equipped rooms.

Pinewood Villa was constructed on the slope of Chin Hill by Daw Myat Moe Aye Hotel Owner. Situated two miles from Kanpetlet, right on the highway to Mount Victoria. Situated in a small children's town, the bungalow is decorated in the chin tradition.

Seventeen Chin State properties to be built in 2016-17 FRY

The ELEVEN hotel will be located in six cities in Chin state next year, said Salai Isac Khin, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Electricity and Industry. Some 30 of the country's 30 businessmen presented their proposals to the federal administration for the construction of 39 hotel complexes. Some of them were allowed by some of the municipalities to develop a series of 11 in the destination cities, among them three in Haka Township, two in Falam Township, another two in Tiddim Township, one in Khaingkan Township, two in Matupi Township and one in Paletwa Township.

In addition to Khaingkan, the Chinese Ministry of Finance will make a property available for hotel development, which will be completed within three month of receiving the approval from the relevant public authority with investments from municipal contractors. Among the chosen firms are KL Amazing Co, King Solomon Co, Chan Tha Shwe Mye Co, Adventures Myanmar Co, Falam Cherry Co, Unique Asia Gate Construction Co, Shwe Sin Nan Daw Co, Sweet Hotel Group, Shwepyitagkhon Co, Chindwin Ayeya Co, Taungzalat Hotel Co and others.

Except for the Kanpetlet and Mindat districts, there are no hotel accommodations in other cities in the state of Chin.

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