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Find out why Yangon hotels at discounted rates. Khatrium Hotel Royal Lakeside Yangon. A great option for those returning to Yangon for the night before their international flight. All Ahlone Hotels: low prices, no booking fees, no cancellation fees. The Ahlone site is located in Yangon (Rangoon), Yangon (Rangoon), Burma.

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We recommend that you book your hotel in anticipation, as Yangon suffers from a shortage of accommodations due to high levels of interest and insufficient availability, which leads to hotel room rates increasing especially in the high seasons from October to April. Both Agoda and have a wider choice of Yangon properties. Hostlworld and other sites are less popular and have fewer hotel listings.

Priceclass: From $10 per head and per day to $40 per head and per day. Facilities and services: Air conditioning and warm running may not be available in reasonably priced accommodations in Yangon. Priceclass: From $40 per capita and per overnight stay to $120 per capita and per overnight stay.

Our amenities and facilities: Priceclass: From $120 per room and per capita per room. Our amenities and facilities: Rooms and conciergeservice, minibar, sat-TV, fridge, international kitchen, fitness room, whirlpool, indoor and outdoor pools, washing machine, massages and spas, taxiservice..... Most Myanmar is not currently accepting payment via plastic card, and if so, it can be expensive due to the high banking fees.

Myanmar's telephone and broadband connections are constantly interrupted. For example, a hotel or guesthouse has several telephone numbers and e-mail-adresses. It is often not possible to contact them directly. If you make your reservation through Agoda or you are guaranteed to make your reservation, as most Yangon properties keep a copy of your reservation in print at the hotel desk.

Yangon Burma bombarded in the middle of an explosion tide | World Gazette

An home-made time bomb went off at a prestige Rangoon resort on Monday, tore a room apart and injured an US passenger, said Myanmar officials. It' been part of a tidal wave of inexplicable explosions in the last few nights. Policeman Myint Htwe said three arrests were made in connection with the explosion that took place shortly before noon at Traders Heide.

Two small blasts before morning in the Mandalay area followed the bombings, said law enforcement, and added that there were no records of injury. In the 22-storey Trading House, the explosion in the centre of the country's trading capitol, a crack in a nine storey room door shot more than 30 meters into the city.

One 43-year-old US girl was slightly wounded and taken to prison, said cops and resort personnel. "The Rangoon consulate has been visiting the U.S. person and provides appropriate U.S. support," said Sarah Hutchison, spokesperson for the U.S. consulate. Unknown attackers have placed several home-made nukes in and around Rangoon in recent times, allegedly murdering two men and three more.

Burma's first bombshell is said to have exploded on Friday in a guest house in Taungoo, a city 125 leagues (200km) from Rangoon, according to the unrelated news agency Demo. Two more home-made nukes went off in Rangoon on Sunday. One man, who had been fixed to the floor of a lorry parking in front of a Yangon east side street square, injured three citizens, according to Burma's riot cop.

One more home-made bombs detonated at a western stop of the town, but no victims were registered in this explosion, said they. Tuesday at 3 and 5 o'clock the explosion took place in Sagain in the Mandalay area. The general director of the merchants, Phillip Couvaras, said in a declaration that the Shangri-La group's part of the Shangri-La group is working with the government to look into what was.

Minor blasts often happened when Burma was under 50 years of army domination.

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