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Bago City Hotel

Zhwemavdaw Pagoda, Kanbavzathadi Palace and Bago City Center. Accommodation & Accommodation in Bago-City, Philippines. Accommodation: hotels, apartments, B&Bs, hostels, guest houses, campsites, motels, villas. If you come by car from Yangon, the first impression of Bago is the Kyaik-Pon Pagoda. Are you looking for the best hotels in Bago City, Philippines?

Kanbawaza Hinthar Hotel

The Kanbawza Hinthar Hotel (Bago) is situated in Bago City, the Pegu Divison, known as the 4. The city has built its fame as "home of historical and natural treasures" through its contributions to the colorful histories of the city.

The Kanbawza Hinthar Hotel is a first-class hotel in Bago City, which has been refurbished since December 2014. It' s a strategic location, only 10 min by car from the city centre, yet in a calm and tranquil setting, ideal for relaxing with a splendid panoramic views. It has 9 cabins with 27 large rooms, all of which are conceived and equipped for the highest levels of luxury and conveniences for businessmen and holidaymakers.

Kanbawza Hinthar Hotel Managment and our staff are committed to the principle of "Devoted, Friendly & Genuine" in order to offer our clients a personal, friendly and always outstanding level of client care. Our managers and our staff appreciate their responsibilities to create unforgettable and pleasant events for every one. It is an ideal place to discover by bike or bike, as most of the rides are close together and so much simpler to communicate with people.

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