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Yangon, Myanmar travel guide | Activities in Yangon

Yangon is the biggest town and trading centre of Myanmar with over five million inhabitants. It is also the Myanmar spirit of the Shwedagon Lagoon, considered the holiest Buddhist lagoon among the Myanmar people. Whether you want to visit the local expanders, try a local food or walk the street and admire the country style, Yangon has a lot to do.

At Bogyoke Market, an important touristic attraction in the centre of the town, you can buy valuable gemstones, antiquities, art works and craft. Situated at a bustling crossroads in the town, the Sule Pagoda houses eight Buddha pictures in cloakrooms. In the legendary Strand Hotel, opened in 1901, you can savour high quality teas for the old world's enchant.

Guest staying at the centuries-old Strand Hôtel opens in a new doorway, following in the steps of Ernest Hemingway and other celebs. It has been built by the Sarkies Brothers, making it a sister of the Raffles Hotels in Singapore and the E&O Hotels in Penang. The Vista Bars is a roof-mounted drink area with breathtaking view of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

At 6 pm the café opens, so leave at sundown to admire the sight of the panorama of the pagoda, which seems to switch color first and then begins to gleam in the splendor of innumerable golden candles. Yangon's geographic and intellectual centre, Shwedagon is the setting for some of its sadest and most edifying times.

It is 105 metres of 105 metres of pure golden leaves with 1100 jewels and another 1300 jewels around the summit. Situated on a vast property just south of the center, the Musée d'Or shows dramatic diagoramas of drugs fights, colorful mural paintings of lucky, drug-free humans and exhibitions of inlaid and addictive cannibalized orphanages.

It has a rainy, tropic moonshine from May to October. With Myanmar being a little sparsely populated in comparison to other Asiatic nations, the April edition of the Thursday International Filmfestival will mark the beginning of Burma's New Year celebrations - just wait for it to get soaked ( "it's similar to the song crane fest in Thailand). In October the fair of highlights Thandingyut takes place.

Buddhists stream into the Shwedagon Pagoda in November to provide garments for the Buddhist Shrines. Yangon city centre is best seen on walking - the area is simple to use.

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