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" Magnificent hotel and magnificent staff " Inle Cottage Boutique Hotel. Yangon, Mandalay and Shan State Ministry limits new hotel licenses In the Yangon and Mandalay and Kalaw and Inle areas of Shan State, the Ministry of Accommodation and Tourism has limited the granting of new licenses to the Yangon and Mandalay areas, referring to an excess of over-supplies. Destinations have seen an increase in tourist numbers over the last four years, but the Ministry claimed that there is an excess of local accommodation that exceeds visitor demands.

This limitation applies only to diminish the offer and will be liberalized on the basis of considerations, said U Hla Oo, Deputy Minister of Hotel and Tourism, and added that the move will also help to strengthen the environment and monument protection activity, which is affected by fast-growing tourism numbers.

"We need to strike a good trade-off between offer and request in order to prevent the risk of over-capacity. This limitation does not mean a complete end to the provision of hotels, we will still be approving licenses after we have received referrals from the affected state and local governments," he said at a news briefing last Tuesday.

Regional Ministry visitor and room counts show that 52 per cent of available rooms in Yangon, 54 per cent in Mandalay, 28 per cent in Inle, 47 per cent in Taunggyi and 40 per cent in Kalaw. From 1 November, concessions in these areas will be granted on the basis of issues such as tourism attractiveness, employment in the country, staff development, property, parking and sanitation services.

It only applies to these areas, while licenses in other parts of the land are fully permitted, according to the Ministry. "The restrictions will take effect after October, but we will be adaptable on the basis of tourist accommodation demand," said the director of the Yangon Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, U Ohn Myint.

From April to August, the Ministry granted 38 licenses for 1,703 rooms throughout the country. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism there are 1,371 in Myanmar, including 346 in Yangon, 188 in Mandalay, 88 in Inle, 32 in Taunggyi and 38 in Kalaw.

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