Hotel 51 Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Myanmar Hotel 51

154 / 156 51 Road, Pazuntaung Municipality, Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar. Fast and easy online booking for Hotel 51 Yangon. 51/Yangon No 154 /156, 51st Street, Pazuntaung Municipality, Yangon, Myanmar. 155/156, 51st Upper Block, Pazundaung 11221 Yangon MyanmarHotel. 51st Hotel 154 / 156, 51st Street, Yangon, Myanmar Yangon Myanmar.

Commendation of Hotel 51, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

The room was new, tidy and the climate control worked very well. I would have thought the hotel was great if the personnel were like the others in Myanmar, but it seemed that the hotel owner could not bother to help with anything (Myanmar is a land where you often need the help of your hotel).

Prices for the hotel that hires a chauffeur for you are heinous. Don't use them for that. So we needed a cab to get to the big pit, we arranged a fare and when the chauffeur showed up, the young man behind the front desk tried to redouble the fare. To sum up, a good hotel doesn't need any help from you, if you do, then there is a good chance that you will pay twice as much as you should.

It' the only hotel in Myanmar where personnel have been like this.

Brochure of the hotel

Download hotel prices..... Hotel 51 Yangon is situated in the beautiful area of downtown Yangon and has a dominant place in the cultural, commercial and sight-seeing metropolis of Yangon. The hotel's favourable situation provides simple entrance to the city's sights. The Hotel 51 Yangon also provides many opportunities to enhance your time in Yangon.

The hotel offers 24-hour reception, money change, coffeeshop, bar and baggage-handling. You can find the full listing of leisure amenities in the hotel, incl. gardens. Whichever your destination, Hotel 51 Yangon is an ideal option for your Yangon city.

Yangon Hotel 51, Yangon

The Hotel 51 Yangon is situated in the centre of Yangon. There is a broad palette of amenities to make your holiday a joy. Amenities such as free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour reception, 24-hour room services, left-overs, Wi-Fi in highways.

Celebrate the hotel's leisure amenities, complete with the gardens, before retreating to your room for a well-earned break. Explore everything Yangon has to show by making Hotel 51 Yangon your home town.

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