Hot Season in Myanmar

Myanmar's hot season

Weather during the hot season is very dry and hot. Burma is an ideal place for those who love hot weather. The usual division of a year into four seasons does not apply to Myanmar. Not even the hottest central parts are that hot. For most of the time it was very hot and sunny with occasional drizzle.

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I will be in Myanmar next weekend (mid/end of April) and hope to do a 2-3 days trip, but I'm concerned that it might not be a good plan, because the temperature around this season is in the 100s F (38+ C). Did someone do it during the hot season, and if so, were the leaders especially careful and conscious of the folks who need rest and have acces to it?

When the country is mostly shallow, I'm sure I'd be all right, but I'm not sure what to look forward to. KALAV to Inle lake trek would still meet your wish. Although the area is not level, it is not in the'demanding' group. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Weather in Yangon (Rangoon), Yangon region forecast

Myanmar, like most tropics, has three different seasons: the hot and arid, the wet, the monsoon as well as the frost. Myanmar winters last from November to February, the hot season from March to May and the wet season from the end of May to the end of October. During April, the warmest time of the year, the Yangon region has an mean daytime climate of 95.0 F. During the days the daytime climate can reach 100 F to 104 F. During the winters the climate is never very chilly, e.g. the colder ones - December and January - have an mean of 77 F. The night sky is 60 F. The dividing mean precipitation is 103 inch per year.

The wet season is from May to October. Nevertheless, the overall amount of precipitation per year is only about 250 cm. Yangon can be very hot and tacky when the sun is shining; when travelling at this hour, it is recommended to wear very comfy, casual cotton-based clothing. Winters are the best season of the year to come to Yangon.

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