Hot Air Balloon Festival in Taunggyi

Taunggyi Hot Air Balloon Festival

Tunggyi Hot Air Balloon Festival: Day Time Fun. Tunggyi's celebration lasts a whole week and lasts from early in the morning until late in the evening. You' re sure to want to spend at least one night in town to make the most of your Myanmar festival! Shan State's capital is slightly off the beaten track of Myanmar's popular tourist destinations. Celebrated once a year as the second festival of lights after Buddhist Lent, the hot-air balloon festival lasts seven days.

Hot Air Balloon Festival (Taunggyi - Shan State)

Tunggyi is the capitol of southern Shan State, 1,430 metres above sealevel and has a temperate atmosphere. Its most important festival is the Tazaungdine Lighting Festival, which takes place in October and November. The Lu Ping Festival generally known as Hot Ballon Festival is celebrated by Pa O. one of the many ethnical groups in the area.

This is an opportunity for enjoyment and cheerfulness by organising pyrotechnics contests. Pyrotechnics are in the rocket-pile. There' also hot air balloon contests by moonlight and sky. They are usually in the pagoda shapes. and wildlife such as elephants, dragons or geese, while nights are usually in the style of rugby ballons. giant oblong paperballs with small illuminated colorful paperballs hanging around their sides and ballons would prick along pyrotechnics and fire bars that come out of the air to display them.

This is a must for travellers!

Burma is known as the "land of festivals" because there is at least one festival every months. When you can come to Myanmar during a festival, you will enjoy a funny, original part of the local cultural life. For more information about one of Myanmar's most beloved festivals: the Taunggyi Balloon Festival.

Taunggyi Balloon Festival takes place during the full moons of the eight months of Myanmar calender, which usually takes place in November. The full moons, known as the Tauzaungdine, mark the end of the wet seasons and the end of a cycle of prayer. Taunggyi's party takes a whole weeks and takes from early in the mornings till later in the evenings.

You' re sure to want to spend at least one evening in the city to make the most of your Myanmar festival! In the daytime you can go to the festival fair, which draws merchants from all over the Shan state and the remainder of the state.

They can also come to see how experienced craftsmen make fine deep reds. You will get a first insight into the hot air ballons in the afternoons, while amateur balloonists put together and start a mini-competition. And as the evenings turn into the nights, bigger and more complex hot air balloons soar upwards.

They are made of baskets made of paper mache and canvas. You' ll see all kinds of forms and dimensions, many of which are built in the form of animal or adorned with pictures of well-known Sights. There are two versions of the balloon, some with votiv candle and others with home-made fireworks - sometimes up to 30 kg!

Because of the mere scale of the balloon, it requires a great deal of firepower and flying experience, but the results are memorable. In the course of the evening the festival becomes even more lively. An increasing number of folks are gathering in the fields to observe the hot air balloons, so you are sure to make some new mates.

During the balloon flights, there will be a concert by a group of musician. During this period, the festival turns into a festive ambience with songs, dances and drinks, sometimes lasting until the early mornings! However these home-made devices are not 100% secure and it is not uncommon that the hot air balloons go up in fire, especially those with firework!

Therefore, it is best to observe them from the outside of the field - you will not only have a better visibility, but also from the rubble that invariably drops from the balloon. So, if you are in Myanmar during this time, make your way to Taunggyi for the festival.

As it is so well-loved, some advance scheduling is necessary to ensure you a place to relax at nigh. The Taunggyi Balloon Festival is a must for Myanmar-goers!

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