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Shwe Yo Vintage Youth Hostel is a family run hostel located in downtown Yangon, just a short walk from the night market, where guests can enjoy local street cuisine and fresh fruit. Backpacker Myanmar, Yangon region on TripAdvisor: A Touch Of Myanmar hostel is the perfect choice for travellers who want to enjoy the sights and sounds of Yangon. Named the best hostel in Myanmar. Chinatown BaobaBed Hostel, Yangon:

Top 10 Myanmar 2018 Hostels (with prizes)

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YHAs in Yangon, Myanmar

Our hostel is located in a three-storey house with rooms on the first and second floors. We have a common room on the groundfloor for our guest to have breakfasts, chats, relax and watching TV. There is free of charge breakfasts, Wi-Fi, hot showers, towels, fresh bed linen and a lockers. The Zia Hotel, with its reasonable prices and attention to detail, offers you a comfortable and unforgettable holiday and is indeed your best option to discover the attractions, sound and splendour of Yangon city centre.

There is a wide range of room options to suit every taste (both hotels and dormitories)..... We are very pleased to be able to provide you, our visitors, our warm welcome in our mother house. Our lodging is peaceful, convenient and inexpensive and will amaze you with its conveniently located. Our commitment to you, our customers, is to demonstrate and constantly improve our 100% customer satisfaction policies.....

Well placed in the Kyaikhtiyo city's cultural, monuments and cultural area, Lotus Da Dar offers a very convenient place for you to take a rest from your bustling workday. This is the place where visitors have simple entrance to everything the vibrant town has to offers. We are situated between the two towns of Taung-Ba & Nyaung-To, where you can get to know their traditions and lifestyles as well as the real friendliness of their natural environment.

I have nowhere to go: Youth hostel for young ladies

She walks through the roads under the warm summer light and looks for a hostel that can accommodate her. She came to Mandalay to learn, like many other young Burmese girls who come to Mandalay for school or work. However, it is not always simple to find a hostel in Mandalay.

"For the first three month I was living with my dear friend and her whole household, but it was not that simple for me to be there. So, I found a hostel, but it's more difficult than I thought," said Ma Aye Aye Mon, 25. A graduate of Monywa University with a major in English, she got a position as a tutor.

Mandalay has between 100 and 200 youth Hostels located mainly on Mandalay University grounds along 73nd Street, near Nursing University and now in the outskirts of the town. "Inhabitants believe that when a laborer comes in tardy at dawn, he doesn't have the kind of jobs he's supposed to have.

It said some proprietors are asking young wives to show deeds from their employers to certify their professional titles. is a hostel operator on the premises of Mandalay University. It is defending the right of hostel proprietors to refuse shelter. Several hostel proprietors are choosy about the length of stays. Others are: no access after 8pm; no use of light all dark; no sound; no use of electric power; and no waste of drinking cisterns.

She also said that she is scared to stain her name in the municipality if she lives in a hostel near a KTV, a massagesalon or a beergarden. The search for a place is made even more difficult by costs and the need for services. The majority of motorcyclists get around on the bike and therefore need a place to keep it.

It is not the owner who is liable for our loss," said Ma Aye Aye Mon, realising that she is always careful to check the plumbing in the bath. Thinzar Ma Aung, who has been living in the hostel for 4 years, has seen many girls fighting for shelter. "When our roommates work for KTV lounge or massages, folks begin to think we're doing the same thing.

An employee in a business, she holds a degree from Mandalay University of Foreign Languages. However, the hostess is suspicious of all the ladies, she said. Similarly, if youngsters want to remain out for a dark or go on a journey, they have to tell the proprietors of their plot, she said, and even get others to bail for it.

There''s no way for hostel renters to file a complaint, or any regulations to safeguard them. At Mandalay, where old-fashioned ideals prevail, some young girls try to maintain their worth by using clothes that are neither neck nor thigh revealing. Kuu Lay, a 26-year-old head of the Shan state marketeer, has been staying in a hostel for eight years.

She' s learnt to maintain her reputation with the hostel owner and the local people. Alternatively, you can live in a hostel with your family.

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