Hornbill Burmese Restaurant

Horned bird Burmese restaurant

It' one of the best restaurants in the area. Myanmar restaurant in El Sobrante, California. You can order the delivery online at Hornbill Burmese Cuisine in El Sobrante!

Horn Bill Burmese Cuisine - CLOSED - 306 photos & 209 reviews in Burmese - 3550 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante, CA - restaurant reviews by phone - phone number - menu

I' m targeting Burma superstar, but I' m getting there in less than a second! It felt like I had to have my broth with some paddy just to make up for it. Afterwards we ordered chopped jalapeño chickens, tealeaf lettuce and hen's palathe. We had the gooey red paddy with hazelnut pops.

All in all we were enjoying the tealeaf lettuce and hazelnut ride. But we would have prefered the chickens to be sliced smaller to match the loaf. Actually, we wouldn't have even bothered to have only the Currysauce and no chickens.... and asked ourselves whether the vegetable variant would have been better?

but I appreciated the spice. I felt the gooey desert paddy could have been more gooey, hotter and sweet, but it was okay. It was convenient to put the sweet on the table, but then we ran out of it.

Slightly out of my way, but if I were in the area, it wouldn't be a poor choice for Burmese! So I ordered a tealeaf lettuce with a morning omelette and there wasn't much to spell. Perhaps I am prejudiced in my criticism because Burma superstar has pampered me with their extraordinary eating qualities, but I was generally not met at Hornbill.

But one thing is for sure: Hornbill tealeaf lettuce is much slimmer in the amount of additives, especially the crunchy knot. Visiting 29.08.17: The minced meat of Basilica cow and the chickens to go. Poultry gravy was way too savoury. Since I had a desire for savoury meat that was not met, I would like to go back and give them another opportunity.

The Burmese food here is delectable. Savor their stirring roast eggs vegetable, poultry gourd hotpot / campfire, with hazelnut paddy sauce. Has fallen in love with Burmese in Hawaii and has since tried to learn more and try to like it. However, a man of wisdom said: "Good for you is greensalad". In order to compensate for this feeling, the spicy India Rice was ordered.

Just think, you take a bit of coir jasmin and then wash it off with chai-tee. Looking at I'm not going to Hawaii for another 3 month, I'm going to drop in here on a regular basis to get my leaf lettuce fix. Lammcurry pancake - The panata discs were smooth, thick, hot and pleasant.

Lammcurry, which was stuffed with thick pieces of mutton, was outshone. Surprisingly, the pancake was not enough to hold the pancake discs. So we had to ask for additional sherbet. Tealeaf lettuce - Good, salted and stuffed with groundnuts. Crunchy in this lettuce was delicious.

I think it was the first that they had Burmese foods - they liked it! The midday rates are slightly lower than the price of midday meal and includes daily fresh bread, salads and fresh bread. The tea leaf lettuce we began with is always so delicious.

Crispy small slices of spaghetti in a dough with a slightly sweet-sour creamy gravy and coated with spicy grains - mm of spaghetti kebat spaghetti - spiced spaghetti in a vegetable casserole. It was a little too thick and thick, but my three colleagues liked it. Fowl - delicate slices of a dough of white hen, friends and coated with esamese.

For your information......they'll reduce the scale of their restaurant. You will move to the half of the restaurant closest to the cuisine. When you are looking for a restaurant that offers tasty, tasty meals that package a hot meal, you should definitely visit this place! Browse through the menus and choose the steamsas, the tealeaf lettuce, the embossed jalapño hen, the bell pepper hen and the BBQ pasta with pig meat.

All I wish they had served more than 4 tea lettuce salads: tasty and full of vegetables, garlic and beans. Peppermint jalapño chicken: by far my favourite meal we ordered. Poultry with basil: just as tasty but difficult to differentiate from the other poultry dishes we have ordered with garlic pasta with BBQ pork: tasty, comes with a pasta throwing sauces.

I' m so prepared to go back to this beautiful restaurant. This restaurant is enormous. I had the curried suckling sheep ($13), I don't like to eat suckling sheep, but it was Jeremy's pick and he paid, so I said to myself I shouldn't be bizarre about babies suckling sheep and had some. Had the Burmese $8 in my order, it was delicious.

I' ve chosen to try Hornbill again, so we came here for dinner. So we used the pasta instead of the usual lettuce. It is a kind of loaf cooked in coconut-curry sauces. It was a bombshell, that coir curve dressing. I' ve ordered the ricotta.

Mangosauce was so good. Tofus were sliced roasted beef. Would have wished the beef was softer beef rather than roasted beef, but it wasn't. I' ve also ordered a side of chestnut cereal. There'?s nothing to get off with it. We' got the cute, gooey paddy for afters.

It' stiff raisin brown biscuits with chocolate and coconuts. There was a little bit of bitterness left in the gooey brown paddy. It' always so empty for a restaurant that gets good review when I've been here. Five asterisks on the chickens' aubergine! Discreet restaurant, tablecloth and fabric serviettes with good, reasonably priced cuisine.

It looks like they have a backstage for home party or for a band/dj to have livemusic Kokosnuss Reis is also good and MANGOS chick. I made the following gluten-free: Mangosalad ( "hold the wontons"), jalapño chickens (yum!), gourd-pig. Tealeaf lettuce is gluten-free.

Try the egg-plant shrimps and it was good. Lemon grass base lime meat is delicious. And now they have gluten-free as well! Traditional Indian and Jasmune rices (rice is a seperate order, does not come with the entree), Burmese spiced chicken skewer, tea leaf salad, chicken/tofu lemongrass, lemongrass salmon and beef base with coffee seeds (forget the name).

In my view lettuce was better than Burma Superstar's. also a good serving. So I like the seafood meal, the seafood was perfectly boiled and the gravy had a good balance! Not a Lemongrass Chicken Tofu lover, even my kid didn't like him very much; he liked the lemongrass sock.

Favourite: Burmese poultry terab. both chickens - 5/5 (Roti) Lamb was myfave *mango Swai - 5/5 flavourful *Garlic Nudeln w/BBQ Pork (w/spicy sauce) - 5/5 Another of mine and more. Great garlic and loving wide pasta *String Beans - 5/5 Garlicky and GOOD *Rainbow Salad - 3/5 That wasn't as great as other Rainbow salads I had.

I' ll say first that I really wanted to like this place because it's so much nearer to my home than most Burmese restaurant I go to, it's actually only a few steps away, as this is my second order from here, it's a pity to say that I had to put everything on my hot chick to make a decision, because it was very hard.

early in the morning and warmed up again as soon as an order was placed, I also ordered Jasminreis, who was all muddy because I didn't give the first review too badly, because I was good on the second try, but in this case it's just not really rewarding that I adhere to my regular Burma superstar, who strangely enough has many of her menus with the same name.

When we finished our tealeaf lettuce, EVERYTHING was on the dinner plate and the broth came after two of the starters. Tealeaf lettuce - always a popular and good appetizer with a snack. Kokosnussreis - very aromatic Kokosnussreis. Took a little Fiery Beef tofu too - nothing out of the ordinary, except the way they slice the fofu to look like chips.

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